Encrypted email provider Proton has built its own CAPTCHA service

Proton, the Swiss company that develops privacy-focused online services such as email, has developed its very own CAPTCHA service to help discern between genuine login attempts and bots — and it

Cloudflare wants to replace CAPTCHAs with Turnstile

Ahead of its Connect conference in October, Cloudflare this week announced an ambitious new project called Turnstile, which seeks to do away with the CAPTCHAs used throughout the web to verify people

Apple is introducing new tech in iOS 16 to let you skip CAPTCHAs

It’s pretty annoying to go through CAPTCHA verification where you have to identify weird squiggly letters or click on images of the boat till there are none left — just to prove that you&#8217

Think fast – this system watches you answer questions to make sure you're human

The machines are getting smarter and facial recognition may not be enough to tell you're a human. Machines can make faces, too, but they're not so good at answering questions with them. That could lea

Vicarious gets another $50 million to expand its research team and build smarter robots

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg might not be able to agree about much when it comes to AI these days, but the pair do seem to see the same potential in Vicarious, a startup applying unsupervised learni

Solve Media Lands $6M From New Atlantic, First Round, AOL And Others For Its Fast-Growing CAPTCHA Advertising Platform

You know those “CAPTCHAs” you run into from time to time during your Web surfing sessions and Internet escapades? Well, a startup named Solve Media has developed a way to upgrade and monet

CAPTCHA Ad Startup Solve Media Says 2013 Revenue’s On-Track For $13M-$16M, Should Reach 4B Engagements

<a target="_blank" href="">Solve Media</a>, a startup that <a href="">turns CAPTCHA verific

Solve Media Is CAPTCHA-ing 620K Type-In Ads A Day

Ads are everywhere: They're in our content, they're online and offline, they're on buses, billboards, and more. I've been told just to "get used to it" -- that the advertising proliferation is only go

AT&T iPhone order status update all f#*&ed up

<img src="" alt="Captcha" />Avert your gaze! AT&T's website served up a CAPTCHA image containing the F-word. The F-word!

D-Link adds CAPTCHA to routers: We say "swvm doghorse"

<img src="">D-Link has added CAPTCHA confirmations to some of their routers, ensuring that the entity trying to log into yo

Google not sure if Gmail's captcha has been broken, could just be hired guns doing the cracking

[photopress:gmailcaptcha.jpg,full,center] Google doesn’t believe that Gmail’s captcha, those little picture things you have to fill out before signing up for a service, have been cracked j