• Launch Wars: Twitcam Beats CamTweet To Live Video Tweets

    Ten days ago at our Real Time Stream CrunchUp, demonstrated a new beta product they are working on called CamTweet. It lets you launch a live video broadcast using your computer Webcam, Tweet it out to your followers on Twitter with a link to help gather an audience, and then keep the viral Tweets going by letting the audience sign into a chat box with their Twitter accounts so… Read More

  • Camtweet Does Live On Twitter

    There are a few ways you can send out live video feeds over Twitter right now. The most obvious is just take a service like, shorten your live stream URL, and tweet it out. But there’s no real easy-to-use seamless way of doing it. That’s what Camtweet, a new side project of launching today at our Real-Time Stream CrunchUp, wants to be. Camtweet looks kind of… Read More