• Ford Partners With Bug Labs To Develop Open Source Platform For In-Car Innovatin’

    Ford Partners With Bug Labs To Develop Open Source Platform For In-Car Innovatin’

    At the TechCrunch Hackathon on Saturday, the 108-year-old, All-American automaker, Ford, teamed up with the newly-American music service, Spotify, to showcase the growing opportunities for developers looking to take advantage of in-car gadgetry to integrate their apps and mobile services. Today at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, Ford looks to continue pushing forward with in-car… Read More

  • BUG 2.0 platform adds support for Android

    If you’re interested in getting into mobile development, you should probably check out Bug Labs. Their BUG system is a modular collection of snap-together components to rapidly prototype a new mobile device. The BUGbase is the backbone — think of it like the mainboard of a traditional PC — into which you can connect a GPS, touchscreen, accelerometer, etc. It runs Linux, and… Read More

  • Bug Labs gets wifi and Bluetooth

    Hacker enablers Bug Labs have been making customizable doodads for a long time, but wifi and Bluetooth support have been lacking, though we heard they were incoming back in January. The new Bugbase WiFi is pretty much what it sounds like: a new base module for your Bug creations, but with wireless capability baked right in. The upcoming 3G radio module should add even more to its connectivity… Read More

  • Bug Labs announces five new BUGmodules

    It seems like TI’s DLP pico projectors are going to make a big push at this year’s CES. I mean, even Wowwee is getting into and we’ve caught wind of a few other big time players who are getting ready to announce similar devices over the course of the week. Bug Labs now has one and they’re calling it the BUGprojector. The other four BUGmodules include BUGsound, BUG3g… Read More

  • BUGLabs launches BUGvonHippel module, 3G module coming at CES

    I’m not sure how many hardcore Java/BUG developers are lurking around these parts, but if any are out there: BUGLabs has a new toy for you. As the newest addition to the piece-it-together-and-code-your-own-devices library, the BUGvonHippel lets you connect just about anything with a wired connection to the BUGbase. Read More

  • Bug Labs selling out of hardware fast

    [photopress:f.jpeg,full,center] Bug Labs, those guys making the open-source hardware we’ve been talking about, are blowing up. The first batch of “Bug”, the wireless device core to many Bug configurations, is sold out, with new supplies at least two months away. We like the idea behind Bug Labs and the BugBASE. Let’s hope this is a good omen. Read More

  • Bug Labs going live on Monday

    Here are the first shots of the BUGBase Hiro P model that goes on sale this Monday when the store opens up. This is the final production model, but is, sadly, sans Wi-Fi. Yeah, seems that open source Wi-Fi drivers were causing some issues and Bug Labs decided to ship out the base stations without Wi-Fi modules rather than delaying shipment. To make up for this indiscretion, early adopters will… Read More

  • Bug Labs pricing

    Too tired to do anything but copy and paste here, folks. Bug Labs has a lot to announce today (yesterday), starting with the topic that gets the most questions: pricing. But, it is important to take a moment to introduce a new concept in pricing for consumer electronics devices: the Early Adopter Discount. Just as it sounds, the BUG Early Adopter Discount is going take a shift away from… Read More

  • PopSci's Bug Labs BUGBase SDK contest is on

    We’ve been covering the open-source hardware guys at Bug Labs for awhile, and that’s because the ideas that these guys have are dear to our hearts; the concept of roll-your-own gadgetry is a perfect things for geeks like us. And the wondernerds at Popular Science’s PopSci blog have put together a contest where they’re giving away a BUGBase brain-unit as well as the… Read More

  • Bug Labs opens SDK, starts Wiki for users

    What good is open source hardware without an online home for the developers? It’s not, so Bug Labs, has introduced the community side of its website, which includes the SDKs and a virtual BUGBase and collection of hardware components, so you can start getting your bug on now. For those not in the loop, Bug Labs is targeting hardware the way Linux targets operating systems; making… Read More

  • You want to see a video of the Bug Labs hardware in action, don't you?

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf This is the first real demo of Bug Labs’ open source hardware thing. It’s a skeleton that you add components onto. If you want an MP3 playing camcorder and flashlight, you get those parts and put them together. And this is it working right now. Read More

  • Video: Bug Labs Begins to Crawl

    Attention open-source hardware aficionados. Bug Labs, the startup developing a Lego-like device that lets engineers mix-and-match different modules to create any digital device they can dream up, has its first working prototype. CrunchGear has a very cool video: http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf CrunchGear also has more pics (like the one… Read More

  • Exclusive: First hands on with working Bug Labs open source hardware

    We told you about Bug Labs last week so you should have all the pertinent info, but now we have pics and video of a working model. Videos will be up as soon they’re done loading so please bear with us and check back soon. Read More

  • Bug Labs bets big on open hardware

    We were ready to chalk these guys up to the vaporware list, but now it’s looking as if Bug Labs just might change how we look at and use hardware. Scratch that, it might change how we make hardware. Bug Labs is making what is basically a version of Lego Mindstorm for grownups. Like Mindstorm, a central brain, here its a Linux-enabled BUGBase, is at the heart of anything you want it to be… Read More

  • First Pics of Bug Labs Open-Source Hardware

    I keep hearing more and more buzz about open-source hardware. One of the most ambitious open-source hardware startups is Bug Labs. The company is creating a Lego-like hardware platform that tinkerers and engineers can use to create their own digital devices. I visited their offices in New York earlier this week and played around with a prototype. It starts with a BUGBase, which is a… Read More