PopSci's Bug Labs BUGBase SDK contest is on


We’ve been covering the open-source hardware guys at Bug Labs for awhile, and that’s because the ideas that these guys have are dear to our hearts; the concept of roll-your-own gadgetry is a perfect things for geeks like us. And the wondernerds at Popular Science’s PopSci blog have put together a contest where they’re giving away a BUGBase brain-unit as well as the first four modules (GPS, digicam, touchscreen, accelerometer).

All you have to do to win is download the Bug Labs SDK and build yourself a virtual awesome device. Sadly, it’s Java-based, so you have to have some good programming chops, but if you’re geek enough to want this gear enough, you’re probably already in your console typing stuff that makes no sense to luddites like Yours Truly.

Announcing the PopSci.com/Bug Labs Build-a-BUG Challenge [PopSci’s How To blog]