Brightcove acquires Ooyala’s video business for $15M

Brightcove just announced that it’s acquiring Ooyala’s online video platform business. The deal brings together two long-lasting players in the online video industry. Brightcove was founde

Video Distribution Platform Brightcove Announces A Streaming Module For Live Events

Thanks to a new module from video distribution platform Brightcove, the company will make it easier for customers to roll out live video streams on a wide variety of devices. The brilliantly named Bri

Rovio Taps Brightcove To Stream Toons Into All Its Angry Birds Apps

If you’re a big Angry Birds fan, you’ve probably noticed that there’s no longer just games available in the franchise apps. Rovio, the studio behind the most popular iOS app of all time, is now

Brightcove Co-Founder Jeremy Allaire Will Step Down As CEO, David Mendels To Take Over

Brightcove co-founder Jeremy Allaire plans to step down from his role as CEO, according to <a target="_blank" href="">the company's fou

Discovery Networks Is Brightcove’s First Partner For Its Dual-Screen Apple TV Service, Live First In Italy

Back in <a href="">June</a>, Brightcove unveiled a new strategy to take its App Cloud development platform open source, and at the sa

Riding The Third Wave of TV Transformation

<em>Eric Elia (<a href="">@ericelia</a>) is a member of the founding team at Brightcove, and is currently the vice president of TV solutions. Brightcove, a video and app

Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire Makes His First Peep After The IPO Quiet Period Ends

Brightcove may not have had the sexiest IPO in the recent wave of offerings, but the company's return so far definitely beats Zynga and Groupon's performances since their debuts. After launching its v

Brightcove Shares Pop Over 30 Percent On First Trade; Valued At Nearly $400M

Online video service Brightcove has just made its public debut on the NASDAQ under the symbol 'BCOV', with an opening trade of $14.50. This is up over 30 percent from the company's original pricing of

Brightcove’s New Players Aim To Improve HTML5 Video Compatibility

Viewing web video content on three different devices is likely to yield three different outcomes. Even if it's possible to get the whole video to play properly, often there are inconsistencies in how

Online Video Platform Company Brightcove Files For $50 Million IPO

Online video platform company <a href="">Brightcove</a> this morning <a href="

Brightcove Launches App Cloud. It's Not Just For Videos Anymore

<img src=""/> <a href="">Brightcove</a> is no longer just for videos. Starting today, it is launching a

Brightcove Streaming 700 Million Videos A Month; Granted Broad Patent For Online Video

<img src=""> Brightcove was issued a broad patent for the "Distribution of content," which covers the basic features of a professional on

Google And Facebook Continue To Lead Referral Traffic For Videos On Media Sites

<img src=""> In the third quarter of 2010, BrightCove and Tube Mogul's <a href="

The Year In Online Video Deals And What To Expect In 2011

<img src=""> With the <a href="">recent rumor</a> that Google’s YouTube unit wa

Facebook Passes Yahoo To Become Second Largest Traffic Source For Videos On Media Sites

<img src=""> When it comes to getting people to watch online videos from media sites, Google is still the largest source of

Online Video In 2011: Connected TVs, Social Recommendations, And Standards Wars

<img src=""> <em><strong>Editor's note</strong>: Online video is going through many changes as people begin to connect their TVs to the

Brightcove 5 Becomes Even More Apple-Friendly

<img src=""> Once a year around this time, Brightcove rolls out a bunch of new features to its online video platform and calls it a

Brightcove Prepares For IPO With A New CFO

<img src=""> Online video platform <a href="">Brightcove</a> took another step towards an <a href="https://t

Videoplaza targets iPad with HTML5-friendly ad server

<img alt="" src="" title="videoplaza" class="shot" width="138" height="150" /><a href="">Videoplaza</a>, the vid

Broadcast TV And Web Media Sites Winning In Online Video, Twitter Users Most Engaged

<img src="" alt="" /> You can hardly run into a media site these days that no longer includes online video (even we are getting
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