Rovio Taps Brightcove To Stream Toons Into All Its Angry Birds Apps

If you’re a big Angry Birds fan — and really, WHO ISN’T — then you’ve probably noticed that there’s no longer just games available in the franchise apps. Rovio, the studio behind the most popular iOS app of all time, is now extending beyond gaming to also produce short video clips, or Toons. And those Toons are, unsurprisingly, being distributed through its huge network of app downloads.

But Rovio needed some help to get those videos to play on all the mobile and connected TV apps that users have downloaded over the years. The company is making a new episode of its Toons available every Sunday on all 1.7 billion of them, which is no small feat. So the game maker turned to Brightcove, which has what seems like eons of video distribution experience, as well as APIs for delivering video into native apps.

According to Brightcove founder Jeremy Allaire, Rovio is using Brightcove Cloud to ingest and manage all of its Toons content and metadata. Using the Brightcove Video Cloud platform, Rovio was able to quickly turn up delivery of its Toons through a native Brightcove player on iOS and Android devices. And it’s also helped to enable distribution for viewing on a bunch of connected TVs, where some Angry Birds apps live, and where viewership of its Toons makes a lot of sense.

Like other clients, Rovio pays a license for access to Brightcove’s Video Cloud, according to Allaire. That license is based on the viewership scale that Rovio expects and the features they need. All of which is probably a ton cheaper than building out all their own video distribution infrastructure and running it themselves.