This young lending startup just secured $70 million to lend $2 at a time

You don’t hear of many $2 loans in the United States, where $2 won’t buy you more than a chocolate bar. But in cities like Lagos, Nigeria, and Nairobi, Kenya, $2 has the buying power of ro

Deep-linking startup Branch raised $60 million from Andy Rubin’s Playground Ventures

Branch, a startup making tools to enable developers to provide links between websites and apps, has raised a $60 million Series C round of funding from Andy Rubin's Playground Ventures, according to s

Josh Miller Leaves Facebook For The White House

Once an entrepreneur has sold his or her company and logged the required time with the acquiring outfit, he or she typically sets out to start another company -- or become an investor. Josh Miller --

Branch’s Deep Links Let You Preview Apps In Your Browser

Branch, a startup focused on deep-linking technology, today released a new tool for developers called Deepviews that will help them deliver previews of their applications before they're installed.

After Facebook Acqui-Hired Branch Media In 2014, Founders Shutter Branch (And Potluck)

Another day, another acqui-hired shutdown, albeit a pretty long, drawn-out one. Branch Media, acquired by Facebook in January 2014, has shut down the two sites that it created, online "conversations"

Link-Sharing Service Potluck’s New App Combines Messaging And News, Including Original Content

Everything's a messaging app now! <a target="_blank" href="">Potluck</a>, the link-sharing service from the team behind the social conversation service <a target="_blank" href=

Potluck, The Link-Sharing Service For The Rest Of Us, Arrives On iPhone

<a target="_blank" href="">Potluck</a>, the new link-sharing service from the <a target="_blank" href="">team</a> behind social conversation platform <a

From The Team Behind Branch, Potluck Is A New Link-Sharing Service For The Internet’s “Lurkers” Who Don’t Tweet Or Blog

The <a target="_blank" href="">team</a> behind the social conversation platform <a target="_blank" href="">Branch</a> is today launching a new venture with <a

Branch Adds Personalized Recommendations To Help You Find Good Conversations

Branch launched out of closed beta only last week, but the engineering team is hard at work pushing out new feature updates. Today, the company announced that logged-in users will now see recommendati

Social Conversation Platform Branch Launches To Public, Encourages Users To “Write Like You Talk” With Shorter Thread Starters

<a target="_blank" href="">Branch</a>, a startup focused on enabling high quality public conversations on the web, is today launching to the public. The company is notably backed

Obvious-Backed Branch Comes Out Of Public Beta To Foster Conversations Online

Back in March, Obvious Corporation, the mini accelerator founded by Biz Stone, Ev Williams and early Twitter employee Jason Goldman, <a href="

With $2M In Tow, Branch Teams Up With Twitter Co-Founders’ Obvious For ‘New Brand Of Discourse’

<a href="">Last June</a>, Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone announced that he