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Branch Metrics Snags $35 Million More For Its Deep Linking & App Discovery Business

One of the problems in the early days of the mobile app era was that it wasn't possible to link to the pages within apps the same way you could link to pages on the open web. But technology has adapte

Branch’s Deep Links Let You Preview Apps In Your Browser

Branch, a startup focused on deep-linking technology, today released a new tool for developers called Deepviews that will help them deliver previews of their applications before they're installed.

Branch Metrics Beefs Up Talent For Deep Mobile Linking Through ClassOwl Acquisition

Palo Alto's Branch Metrics, which just raised $15 million earlier this year, is beefing up its talent bench through acquiring education startup ClassOwl. Three employees from ClassOwl, which was fo

Branch Metrics Raises $15 Million For Its Smarter Mobile Deep Linking Technology

Palo Alto-based Branch Metrics, one of the many companies focused on developing better mobile deep linking technology - that is, links that point users to specific pages within mobile applications the