Box announces Hubs, a custom portal to share specialized content

For years, companies have been looking for better ways to share content, but the file/folder metaphor has stubbornly stuck. And that worked fine for ad hoc kinds of sharing between individuals or smal

Box unveils unique AI pricing plan to account for high cost of running LLMs

As generative AI becomes embedded in enterprise software, one of the challenges that companies face is how to fairly price it to recoup the cost of running their content against foundational large lan

Box is partnering with OpenAI to bring generative AI tools across the platform

We’ve seen a number of enterprise software companies making announcements related to generative AI in the last six weeks, from established companies like Salesforce and Adobe to startups like Ada an

Enterprise SaaS companies continue to navigate a complex economic environment

With Zoom, Box, Okta and Salesforce reporting this week, we saw mixed results from enterprise SaaS companies operating in a tough environment.

Box reaches $1B run rate in spite of a quarter dogged by currency challenges

Box launched in 2005 out of a dorm room. This week, after 17 years in business, the SaaS company reached a $1 billion run rate.

How Box is balancing growth and profit as it nears $1B ARR

How does Box plan a future of both growth and making money now that the market appears to demand both? We spoke to CEO and co-founder Aaron Levie to understand its strategy moving forward.

The revenge of the quiet companies

Some private technology companies in less flashy markets didn't fall prey to the 2021 hype cycle and are, in some cases, chugging toward an IPO. And they haven't gotten much credit for their work.

How Box escaped the SaaS growth trap

How did Box manage to get out of the growth trap while also growing its gross margins, operating income and net profit in its most recent quarter?

Box positive momentum continues with revenue up 18% and improved guidance

Hey, it wasn’t that long ago that Box was lost in single-digit growth doldrums being dogged by activist investors. But today, the company announced its earnings, and revenue was up 18% over the prio

Box is adding free whiteboarding tool for collaborating on visual content

When you talk to folks about what they have missed most about the office since we moved to work from home in 2020, people often point to whiteboarding in a conference room with colleagues, something t

TechCrunch+ roundup: Box unfolds a surprise, robotics pitch tips, BNPL growing pains

Growth is good, but like the James Brown song, Klarna is paying the cost to be the boss.

How quickly do enterprise tech firms need to grow to satisfy today’s investors?

A half-dozen enterprise stocks reported earnings, but with the world in turmoil this week, the stock market gave them kind of a rough reception.

Box strikes back with a quarter that beats everyone’s expectations, including its own

While all the trends appear to be moving in the right direction, can Box keep it going, and what are its projections for FY2023? Let's take a deeper look at the numbers.

Five stories that shook up the enterprise in 2021

There is often a mistaken impression that covering the enterprise is kind of dull when compared to the consumer side of the house, but having followed the space for a couple of decades now, I can tell

After a proxy fight victory, it’s time for Box to make some bold moves

Throughout its history as a public company, Box has had a bumpy ride. The company was founded back in 2005 as a consumer file sharing service, but shifted a few years later to focus on enterprise.

Equity Monday: Instagram pauses youth product as Amplitude, Warby Parker prep public offerings

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This is Equity Monday, our weekly kickoff that tracks the latest pri

Box wins proxy board battle with activist investor Starboard Value

A battle between Box and its majority shareholder Starboard Value over control of the board ended today when the company’s slate of directors easily defeated Starboard’s. It culminated mon

Box, Zoom chief product officers discuss how the changing workplace drove their latest collaboration

Their newest collaboration is the Box app for Zoom, a new type of in-product integration that allows users to bring apps into a Zoom meeting to provide the full Box experience.

Box reports earnings early to give shareholders time to review financials ahead of board vote

Box has been in an ongoing dispute with activist investors Starboard Value over control of the board, an argument that is expected to come to a head on September 9th at the annual shareholder meeting.

Dan Olsen leads a product-market fit master class for the Startup Alley+ cohort

Yes Virginia, there are advantages to exhibiting in (the sold-out) Startup Alley at TC Disrupt 2021. Out of all the early-stage startups ready to exhibit on September 21-23, Team TechCrunch hand-picke
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