• Crunch Report | Cyclists Don’t Like Uber’s Self-Driving Cars

    The U.S. Navy deploys a few drone boats, First Round’s annual holiday video gets released, 7-Eleven and Flirtey get us closer to drone delivery and cyclists don’t like Uber’s self-driving cars. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • ‘Solar Voyager’ autonomous boat looks to make history in sun-powered journey across the Atlantic

    ‘Solar Voyager’ autonomous boat looks to make history in sun-powered journey across the Atlantic

    About 200 miles due east of Boston, a robotic boat is putting along at a walking pace on what could be an historic journey across the entire Atlantic. “Solar Voyager,” built by two friends in their spare time, would be the first autonomous vessel to cross that ocean — and the first one to cross any ocean using solar power alone. Read More

  • Pure Watercraft brings boaters a Tesla-style motor

    Obviously, water and electricity don’t mix. But one Seattle company called Pure Watercraft has taken up the engineering challenge of building a Tesla-like EV motor for boats. The startup began taking pre-orders for its Pure Outboard today with a $500, refundable deposit via its own website. A former rowing coach, Andy Rebele started Pure Watercraft in 2011 with a mission to replace… Read More

  • Autonomous Boats Are Helping The Navy Swarm On Threats

    Autonomous Boats Are Helping The Navy Swarm On Threats

    I rarely like to focus on military robots but this video is fascinating. It talks about the SWARM program, a system for controlling multiple boats in a body of water and ensuring they don’t crash into each other and can easily swarm on another ship as needed. These boats, which are connected via software called Control Architecture for Robotic Agent Command and Sensing, can be armed but… Read More

  • The bleeding edge of sailing technology

    I just sat down to peruse the Times and found this very interesting article describing some of the technologies being used in competitive sailing. To be sure, many of these have been around for years, but they’re being advanced every year and pushed to the limit by integration with onboard computers and all that. Hinged sails? Hundreds of embedded stress sensors? We are still talking… Read More

  • Ten-person boat features built-in grill

    Summer, much like Karma Chameleon, comes and goes. It comes and goes. And I’ll be damned if this past summer came and went with few (if any) of us wiling away the hours in a circular boat with a built-in grill. Read More

  • Gilded Age: Royal Caribbean's Oasis ship will be largest ever

    How’s this for unnecessary [faux] luxury: Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis of the Seas” will be the largest ship to every float on water, coming in at 1,180 feet long and weighing a cool 220,000 tons. All that, just to parade around 5,400 n’er-do-wells. And while you’re struggling to make sense out of your everyday expenses, know that Royal Caribbean spent $1.24… Read More

  • Speedboats go solar

    It’s like something out of a James Bond movie, if Bond were more of a hippie, but it’s cool. It’s a solar-powered speedboat, completely covered in solar panels to provide power. Using just the sun, the boat can reach speeds of 30knots (35mph), a decent clip for a luxury speedboat. It’s just a prototype right now, but as oil gets more and more expensive you can bet… Read More

  • Man builds rad trimaran sailboat in yard, now it's stuck there

    We’re all for DIY, sometimes when you want to do something right you have to do it yourself and all that. You should plan ahead though. Don’t be like this Brit who spent five years hand-building a dream yacht only to find when it was completed it was too large to move from his yard. Oops indeed. The trimaran yacht looks badass, sure, but until he can afford a crane and truck… Read More

  • The Volitan Flying Fish: Badassery on the high seas

    Taking a cue from airplanes and X-wing fighters, the Flying Fish is a new eco-friendly design for sailboats. It’s wind and solar powered, using its extendible solid sails to collect the rays as well as harness the wind. This dual-energy attack makes this super-fast, super-slick boat almost totally self-sufficient. When I’m done taking over the world, this is the boat I’m going… Read More