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Bonx brings tunes and talk to the slick and slippery slopes

Electronics and water go together like, well, electronics and water. But how are you going to talk to your friends when you're knee deep in snow or plunging down a mountainside on a bike? Bonx to the

The world isn’t ready for only wireless headphones, Apple

As the rumor mill continues to report that Apple supposedly is doing away with the headphone socket on its next-generation phones (more than 300,000 people already voiced their opinion), I found mysel

BlueAnt outs the rugged T1 Bluetooth headset

<img src=""><a href="">Bluetooth headsets</a> generally take a good amount of abuse. They a

Motorola HX1 Bluetooth headset rumored to be $159, Sprint exclusive

<img src="">While the economy is in shambles and folks are losing their homes, Motorola is about to push the Bluetooth price poi

Review: Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset

This is the Official PS3 Bluetooth headset that was released with SOCOM: Confrontation earlier this fall. It is made specifically for the PS3 but also works on any other Bluetooth device. Voice qualit

Review: Jabra BT530 Bluetooth headset

Short Version: Another Jabra Bluetooth headset with O.K. sound quality and range, but sports a true on/off switch. Not a soft button, but a real, honest to goodness, on/off switch. Praise jebus!

Hands on with Aliph's offensive Jawbone Bluetooth headset

I’ve finally gotten around to taking the Jawbone BT headset out of the box and over the next few days I’ll see what all the fuss is about. I’m going to struggle with this review sinc

Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset Review

Apple’s first foray into Bluetooth headsets has hit the market, making barely a plink in the ocean of iPhone news so far. I unboxed and tested the discreet little black stick-bud: It still makes

LG, Prada Headset For The Label Whores

The fashion conscious who plan to get their well manicured mitts on the LG Prada will be happy to know that they can also get a matching Bluetooth headset. LG and Prada have teamed up again to release