BlueAnt outs the rugged T1 Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headsets generally take a good amount of abuse. They are after all thrown in pockets with keys, tossed in bags , thrown on desks, and suffer countless other forms of stress over their lifetime. Thankfully most are priced as throwaway items. However, the just-announced BlueAnt T1 isn’t a normal headset. This little guy seems like one tough bastard.

The T1 comes with a protective skin that that can protect and cushion better than just the outer plastic shell. It should provide a bit more protection while not increasing the weight or size too much. It was also designed to withstand everyday dust and moisture.

Of course the T1 offers all the voice activated goodies found on previous BlueAnt headsets and is the first model to feature verbal caller ID where the headset will speak the name of the incoming caller. Users then can either say Answer or Ignore to perform the spoken task.

Expect the T1 to hit stores this May at or below the MSRP of $79.99.