Motorola HX1 Bluetooth headset rumored to be $159, Sprint exclusive

moto-hx1-retailWhile the economy is in shambles and folks are losing their homes, Motorola is about to push the Bluetooth price point ceiling up to $159 with the HX1. The company claims Рand Engadget seems to agree Рthat this is the best Bluetooth headset on the planet and perhaps the galaxy. The HX1 uses some sort of special bone conduction technology that eliminates external noise and produces amazing call clarity. But who would spend $160 on the bland looking Motorola HX1 when the sexy $129 Jawbone Prime, tiny and smart $129 BluAnt Q1, or $99 workhorse Plantronics Voyager PRO is available? Our answer is after the break.

No one. That’s who. No one will buy this headset at the current price point. Here is what will happen:

Besides a few¬†unknowing rich housewives who don’t count, only geeks care about high-end Bluetooth headsets. If a geek is presented the $159 HX1, they will likely decline the offer and go home and jump online where they will discover that the three headsets listed above all received high marks. Plus they can be had for a lot less than the MSRP.

The HX1 might be the best BT headset, but I don’t have any issues with my mid-level Jabra. I would love to see sales numbers at the $159 price and after it eventually gets cut down to $129, which it will. But if you want the absolute best and don’t mind paying the premium right out of the gate, Sprint is reportedly getting the HX1 exclusively until the end of September.

htcpedia via EngadgetMobile