Bluesky is now allowing heads of states to sign up

Social networking service Bluesky is now allowing heads of state to sign up and join the platform. The move comes ahead of major general elections in countries like the U.S. and India this year.

What is Bluesky? Everything to know about the app trying to replace Twitter

Is the grass greener on the other side? We’re not sure, but the sky is most certainly bluer. It’s been more than a year since Elon Musk purchased Twitter, now X, leading people to set up shop on a

Bluesky launches Ozone, a tool that lets users create and run their own independent moderation services

Decentralized Twitter/X rival Bluesky announced on Tuesday that it’s open sourcing Ozone, a tool that lets individuals and teams collaboratively review and label content on the network. The com

Bluesky scoops up the developer of popular third-party app, Graysky

Decentralized Twitter/X rival Bluesky is adding to its ranks by scooping up a member of its developer community. London-based software engineer Samuel Newman, who built the well-received third-party B

Bluesky is funding developer projects to give its Twitter/X alternative a boost

Would-be Twitter/X rival Bluesky is looking to more directly invest in its developer community in order to foster growth. The company last week announced “AT Protocol Grants,” a new progra

Bluesky snags former Twitter/X Trust & Safety exec cut by Musk

Emerging decentralized social network and X rival Bluesky has just landed a notable former Twitter leader as its new head of Trust and Safety. On Wednesday, the company announced it has appointed Aaro

Threads widens the gap with X, with triple the daily downloads on iOS

Although an app’s downloads aren’t an exact proxy for usage, they can hint at where the market is headed. And in the case of the alt-Twitter wars, the app winning the game right now is Ins

Bluesky opens up federation, letting anyone run their own server

Social network Bluesky, a competitor to X, Threads, Mastodon and others, is opening up its doors with today’s news that the network is now opening up federation, following its public launch earl

Can’t decide between Bluesky, Mastodon and Nostr? Nootti’s new app lets you post to all three.

Managing a social presence these days can be tough. It’s even tougher for those who are experimenting with the new wave of Twitter-like services, like Mastodon, Nostr and Bluesky, where staying

Bluesky and Mastodon users are having a fight that could shape the next generation of social media

People on Bluesky and Mastodon are fighting over how to bridge the two decentralized social networks, and whether there should even be a bridge at all. Behind the snarky GitHub comments, these coding

As Threads deprioritizes politics, Bluesky’s CEO touts custom feeds and user choice in social media

Meta is in hot water after announcing plans to remove politics from its recommendations across Instagram and Threads, its new Twitter-like app for text-based posts. That leaves a window of opportunity

Twitter alternative Bluesky shows off custom Super Bowl feeds (both with and without Taylor Swift)

Twitter/X alternative Bluesky is gearing up for one of the biggest weekends in social media with the launch of custom feeds prepped for Super Bowl fans. One feed focuses on conversations around the bi

Bluesky gets nearly 800K new users in its first day open to the public, despite outages

Bluesky opened to the public yesterday after launching in an invite-only beta last year. Getting on Bluesky might not be as exciting as it was when people were selling invites on eBay for $400 a pop,

Fintech, edtech and SaaS are not dead yet

We're taking a deep look at a number of startup fundraisings, and the latest from the world of venture capital itself. Startups and capital, it's our jam!

As Bluesky opens to the public, CEO Jay Graber faces her biggest challenge yet

Bluesky is now open for anyone to join

After almost a year as an invite-only app, Bluesky is now open to the public. Funded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Bluesky is one of the more promising micro-blogging platforms that could provide brings a TweetDeck experience to Bluesky users

With over 3 million users and plans to open up more broadly in the months ahead, Bluesky is still establishing itself as an alternative to Twitter/X. However, that hasn’t stopped the developer c

Bluesky CEO confronts content moderation in the fediverse

The panel on stage at the Knight Foundation’s Informed event is Elon Musk’s nightmare blunt rotation: Techdirt editor Mike Masnick, Twitter’s former safety lead Yoel Roth, and Bluesk

Bluesky finally lets users look at posts without logging in

Decentralized social network and Twitter rival Bluesky is finally letting users look at posts on its platform without logging in. People still need an invite to create an account and start posting but

Graysky, a third-party client for X rival Bluesky, gets Trending Topics and a ‘Pro’ subscription

Graysky, one of the first third-party apps for the Twitter/X competitor Bluesky, is launching a subscription service with its latest release, as a means of generating revenue for its app by offering p
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