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Perhaps this is why the bitcoin spot ETFs are yet to send crypto prices to the moon

A survey of TechCrunch readers reveals that while the spot ETFs may boost bitcoin's price, they may not be attracting many people who don't own bitcoin.

US approves first spot bitcoin ETF applications for 11 issuers

It’s been over a decade since the first application for a spot bitcoin ETF was filed. After a number of denials over the years, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has approved all 11 applic

Valkyrie co-founder expects $10B inflows for spot bitcoin ETFs by end of year

We sat down with Valkyrie's co-founder to chat about why he thinks futures bitcoin ETFs will go away, which spot crypto ETFs could come next, and why the fee wars are “ridiculous.”

Bitcoin is now worth over $34,500 — but will it hold?

This week, the cryptocurrency’s price shot to nearly $35,000 per token, further cementing its position at the top of the pile. But will this bull run last?