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    One professor’s quest to 3D scan every fish in the sea

    One professor’s quest to 3D scan every fish in the sea

    If you were wondering what a mottled sculpin looks like, there are plenty of pictures available online. But while they may satisfy a curious tidepooler, the discerning ichthyologist demands more. That’s why a professor at the University of Washington is getting full 3D scans of every fish in the sea — every species, anyway. Read More

  • EnviroStat gadget holds cells inside force field

    Force fields aren’t just used to obstruct the TMNT, they are actually being used by scientists to improve research. A new gadget called EnviroStat (“Environment”+”Constant”) can hold individual cells in an electric force field, potentially leading to improvements in drug trials or even biofuel production. EnviroStat was developed by Andreas Schmid and his… Read More

  • Spartan DX: Come for the DNA Testing, Stay for the iPod Nano

    DNA testers have historically been clunky devices saddled with heavy instruction manuals and even heavier price tags. I had a girlfriend who used to run DNA tests things and it looked like she was making espresso with one of those eagle-topped coffee makers. So what would you say about a standalone device that looks like a VHS tape rewinder and costs $15K? If you’re a biochemist… Read More