• Help-Key Going Green Edition: Tips to maximize your rechargeable batteries

    With so many portable devices in our homes, we use a lot more batteries than people think about. After many uses, though, many rechargeable batteries can suddenly fail, rendering the device useless if they’re non-swappable. If the device has a removable battery, you can of course buy a new one, but that means throwing the toxic and useless old one out. Why not trade it in to a refurb… Read More

  • Asus gives higher capacity batteries to Eee reviewers

    People in Hong Kong are upset — maybe outraged! — at Asus for sending out review units of the new Eee PC 900 with 4-cell 5800mAh batteries and then selling the public machines with 4-cell 4400mAh batteries. I’d be a little upset too. According to DigiTimes, “Several consumers in Hong Kong who purchased Eee PC 900s on the first day have complained that the battery… Read More

  • Apple and Sony jointly pay out ¥1.3M to burned Japanese gentleman

    Remember when Sony’s batteries were catching on fire and there were many recalls? Well some of those poor souls who got burned by Sony’s flaming batteries (in Apple’s laptops) sued for damages and are actually squeezing a little money out of the two companies. A Japanese couple is being awarded ¥1.3 million for their troubles (and burns). It sounds like a lot, but yens… Read More

  • Longer-lasting, safer lithium-ion batteries coming?

    People who wear lab coats somewhere in Illinois (Argonne, to be exact) have reportedly developed a lithium-ion battery that’s capable of storing 30 percent more energy while at the same time being safer than current lithium-ion batteries. What’s more, the technology has been licensed to Japanese laptop battery manufacturer Toda Kogyo, so we might actually see these batteries in… Read More

  • Higher battery prices caused by fire at LG plant

    A fire at LG Chem in South Korea on March 3rd has contributed to a worldwide notebook battery shortage, according to Reuters. Asustek is expected to be hardest hit, as the shortage “could affect up to 40 percent of second-quarter shipments” from Taiwan’s second-largest PC maker. A Dell spokesperson acknowledged the shortage today and has blamed it for recent replacement… Read More

  • Defective batteries causing iPod Nano fireworks

    Just caught news on the Today Show (in between some Eliot Spitzer segment and another, less interesting but more sensational Eliot Spitzer segment) of the iPod Nano batteries causing sparks to shoot out of units marked with model number MA099J/A (pictured right). Apparently the problem was found back in January but wasn’t reported by Apple to the Japanese trade and economy ministry… Read More

  • Review: Richard Solo Smart Backup Battery for iPod

    My kingdom for a dead-ass simple way to squeeze a little more juice out of my iPod Touch while I’m gallivanting across the globe living the life of a high-profile technology blogger. I need all the battery life I can get while I’m flying in fancy airplanes to conventions in such exotic locales as Las Vegas, Las Vegas and, of course, Las Vegas. So does the Richard Solo (made by… Read More

  • Feeling brave? Make your own super-fast NiMH battery charger

    Here’s a project I wouldnt’ touch in a million years due to my shameful fear of small shocks. What, they’re painful! If you’re not as much of a chicken as me, and have some skill with electrical engineering, you ought to give it a shot. Then bring it over to my house because my shaver is dying.

    Fast NiMH/NiCd Battery charger [via MAKE:blog] Read More

  • Power Gorilla: Power your laptop from the sun

    The Power Gorilla folks sell solar and batter-powered rechargers for portable devices. Their latest invention is the Power Gorilla, spare battery for laptops that can run a device for about TK hours on one charge. You can pair it with their solar panels to power your laptop with the sun. They’ve had one laptop running on solar power for about… Read More

  • Why Apple's battery life has gone down: Testing methods

    I used to test laptops en masse at Laptop Magazine and I’m well aware of the various problems with the testing methods available. Your battery test — playing a DVD over and over to recreate the experience on a plane, for example — might be different from mine — watching furry porn in a constant loop while Twittering college students. That said, there has been some… Read More

  • New Philips mobile lets you pop in a AAA when you forget your charger

    I really don’t know why we don’t see more of this melding of the new and old school. Sure, there are products on the market that let you charge your phone with batteries or through the car’s cigarette lighter, but these are aftermarket solutions. This one has a slot for an AAA battery built in, letting you rock out with 3 more hours of talk time. Of course, a AAA is a bit… Read More

  • Hands on with Energizer's Duo USB charger, compact charger

    Yeah, I know, they’re just batteries, but we rely on them for just about everything from games to cameras and everything in between. I can recharge batteries via USB. That’s hot. I’ll be testing them on my Xbox 360 wireless controllers, Pentax K100D Super and whatever else takes AA or AAA batteries. Product Page Read More

  • AT&T U-verse boxes may contain exploding batteries made by a company that doesn't exist anymore

    Guess what? There are 17,000 outdoor U-verse boxes containing backup batteries made by Quebecois company Avestor, a company that no longer exists due to bankruptcy. Wait there’s more. These batteries are exploding and catching on fire. Nobody’s been injured yet but if you see one of those boxes on the side of the road, treat it as though it were a giant bear. This setback might… Read More

  • Final Word: You can carry batteries on flights

    So it seems that you can carry batteries, extra batteries, spare batteries, and other, presumably, Leyden jars on flights. The TSA warnings only mention banning “large, palletized shipments” of lithium-ion batteries on flights whereas other batteries are fine. They recommend covering the battery terminals, however. On the other hand, the Department of Transportation says you… Read More

  • New rules limit the number of spare batteries you can bring on a flight

    Junior executives on-the-go should take a few minutes to head over to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Web site. It seems the DOT has implemented some new rules for 2008 as it relates to lithium batteries. Simply, you’re not allowed to put spare, unconnected batteries in your checked luggage anymore and you can only bring eight grams of lithium battery on-board with you. Read More

  • Toshiba develops industrial five-minute charging battery

    Busy, on-the-go forklift operators are about to get the gift of a lifetime in Toshiba’s forthcoming quick-charging industrial batteries. Starting in March, it’ll take a paltry five minutes (five minutes!) for the "new battery for forklifts, construction machinery, and other industrial use" to charge to 90% capacity. You could have a smoke and hit the Biffy and your rig… Read More

  • Charging an iPod with an onion and Gatorade

    How do you do, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and teachers? My name is some guy with an iPod and an onion and physics is my business and our very special business for today is electrolytes and onions. Man, Julius Sumner Miller was the bomb. [Thanks, James!] Read More

  • Philips phone can sit in your drawer for two months

    The Xenium 9@9 from Philips has an amazing two-month standby time. That’s roughly half as many months as 2000 Flushes lasts. If you decide to talk on this phone, you could do so for 17 hours. As such, I’ve decided that it’s a GREAT business phone. You could work two 8-hour days where you literally talked all day long and you’d still have an hour left over to call mom… Read More

  • NoPoPo puts the "pee" in "power"

    I drink enough beer that these urine-powered AA batteries could save me hundreds of dollars a year. Ok, not really, and I don’t really have any devices that aren’t rechargeable these days, except maybe my remote control, but I’m sure someone, somewhere (Japan!) will find these little guys very useful. The makers are claiming one “full” battery can charge a… Read More

  • Car battery-charging stations for all within three years

    If Al Gore has taught me anything, it’s that the Earth is going to explode any minute now (think Sephiroth’s Super Nova) because we burn too many fossil fuels. So let’s stop burning them. One man has just such a plan. Some guy from Silicon Valley, Shai Agassi, plans to launch a VC-backed system of battery-charging stations. This would encourage the development of… Read More

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