• Boston-Power's eco friendly HP laptop batteries now on sale

    Boston-Power announced earlier today that their line of Sonata Li-ion batteries for 18 HP notebooks (about 70 percent of HP’s lineup) are now available directly from HP. The Sonata batteries were the first to be Nordic Ecolabeled, which essentially means they pollute less by being high capacity, longer lasting and having the “smallest amounts of detrimental heavy metals.”… Read More

  • DIY solar rechargeable batteries

    So there are already rechargeable batteries, and there are already solar power devices to charge batteries, but what if you could make a rechargeable battery that was completely self contained, that all you had to do was put it in the window, and let it charge? Read More

  • Chinese man killed by exploding cellphone; a few helpful tips

    Make sure to say “I love you, honey” after hanging up on your wife today. You know why? Because if what happened to a man in China happens to you, you’ll be as dead as Colin Quinn’s career. The man was killed last week—I guess news trickles slowly out of China—when his cellphone exploded, breaking an artery in his neck. Ouch. Read More

  • Fashionable(?) wristband charges your phone

    Get right outta town, I would actually use this. It’s a somewhat unassuming wristband (looks like it’s made of rubber) that serves double duty as an emergency charger for your small devices. Read More

  • Gigantic G1 extended battery more than doubles battery life

    Is that a phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me not have to recharge your G1 every two hours? Read More

  • Review: Innocell 1400mAh Extended Life Battery for T-Mobile G1

    The wait for a suitable extended battery for the G1 is finally over. I picked up the $42.95 Innocell 1400mAh battery from and I’m happy to report that the promise of 15% longer battery life seems to be legit. Read More

  • Extended 1400mAh G1 battery now shipping

    If you own the T-Mobile G1, you might find yourself longing for an extended battery to replace the included 1150mAh battery that comes with the phone. Read More

  • Li-ion battery makers appeal to Congress for $1bn in aid

    There’s a lot of money going out the door for the auto makers (well, maybe) and more so for the finance business, so I think it’s wise for some of the less bubble-orientated sectors to point out now just how little they need to establish or reinvigorate themselves. Public radio could use a boost, space programs are comparatively cheap, and now a consortium of battery makers is… Read More

  • Former chairman wants Intel to make electric car batteries

    Andrew Grove, former Intel Corp chairman, is pushing the world’s biggest maker of microprocessors to diversify business by becoming a manufacturer of advanced batteries for plug-in electric cars. This emerging industry is attracting Chinese and Japanese companies like BYD Motors, Panasonic, and Sanyo. According to an Intel spokesman, Intel already has investments in battery-related… Read More

  • Longer life lithium-ion batteries coming to a hybrid near you

    Hybrid and plug-in vehicles have been plagued by poor battery performance in the past. The next-gen rides simply do not offer that much MPG improvement because of the lackluster batteries, but LG Chem and STMicroeclectronics are working on something new. By harnessing a more powerful and efficient battery management chip, they hope to improve lithium-ion batteries enough… Read More

  • HP to sell laptop battery with 3-year no degradation claim

    HP might have a solution to laptops batteries slow death thanks to a Boston-Power-made battery. The battery, dubbed Enviro by HP, should hit select platforms in early 2009 features with some kick-ass features. Allegedly, the battery can be be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes and will not degrade before a 1,000 re-charges. HP is backing the battery with a 3-year warranty to ensure… Read More

  • Energizer will debut fancy new Zinc Air Prismatic battery at CES 2009

    What’s the most annoying part of your favorite gadget, be it your laptop, your phone or your portable media player? In fact, what do they all have in common? Here’s one vote for terrible battery life. (I have a cheap-o Philips digital audio player whose battery lasts, I think, 27 seconds before dying.) So here’s hoping that Energizer’s new zinc air battery, to debut at… Read More

  • A trio of iPhone/iPod chargers for your perusal

    Quick Version: We take a look at three different iPhone/iPod chargers from Kensington, RichardSolo, and i.Sound, weighing the pros and cons of each. Read More

  • New battery technology lasts up to 7 times as longer than traditional batteries

    Once upon a time, I was at some press conference somewhere dealing with laptops and someone in the audience asked why battery technology hasn’t improved. The exec on stage replied something to the effect of, “Batteries aren’t our industry, they’re a chemistry problem.” So your laptop’s awful battery life can be blamed on chemistry. Until now! Read More

  • Febot conceptually charges your batteries with the power of wind!

    This little guy, the Febot, charges your batteries, literally. Like, it literally charges Duracell (and other, lesser brands) batteries. Well, “literally” is a bit strong, as it’s only a concept, but whatever. Read More

  • Safety Commission recalls 35,000 Sony batteries

    Just a heads up that there are a handful of potentially dangerous laptop batteries floating around out there. These ones are made by Sony but are found in certain models of HP, Toshiba, and Dell notebooks. The HP notebooks are the most at risk with about 32,000 affected batteries. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, “There have been 19 reports of the batteries… Read More

  • My Humps: Check out this nine cell netbook battery!

    Holy crap, you could drive a truck under that thing. That’s a nine cell battery for the MSI Wind netbook, which is available on Ebay’s UK site according to a post in the forums. The item ships from China for a grand total of around £70 – roughly $115 in US dollars. Owners of this gigantic lump are reporting over 6.5 hours of battery life. When I tested the… Read More

  • External MacBook Pro battery adds life, costs ducats

    I would caution you all against buying accessories for your Apple laptop now, a week before a major Apple announcement, but this external battery does look pretty handy. It plugs right into the MBP as if it were an outlet and gives (they say) 6-10 hours of extra battery life. Of course, my MBP is so borked that that would mean 6-10 hours of total battery life (thanks Apple), but hey. Two… Read More

  • Magnetic battery discovery may lead to cooler laptops

    Remember the word “spintronics” as you may be hearing more and more about it over the coming months. It’s basically a phenomenon that creates magnetic currents that behave much in the same way that electric currents work, except with out all the heat that electric currents generate. In the computer world, advancements have already been made toward magnetic RAM, which is said… Read More

  • European Union Directive could force Apple to re-design iPhone, iPod

    A new set of EU Directives could force Apple to re-design its iPod and iPhone in Europe. And if it did that, it might as well re-design them for every market, right? The Directives would force manufacturers to design their products so that batteries are easily replaces—unscrew one or two screws, flip a tab, etc. Seems the EU wants to make it easier for people to dispose of their old… Read More

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