• Tesla Should Make Sergey Brin’s Model S Makeover A Standard Option

    Tesla Should Make Sergey Brin’s Model S Makeover A Standard Option

    Google co-founder Sergey Brin appears to have been pranked by Google employees, according to info shared on the Tesla Motors Club forum. This image of the Google bigwig’s fancy Tesla Model S roadster, with some aftermarket additions, popped up today on Twitter. Note the sweet “Chrome” rims it’s rolling on, if you can pull your eyes away from the hot pink color scheme… Read More

  • "The Raider": British Combat Vehicle Design Based On Batmobile

    British defense company BAE Systems recently unveiled a concept vehicle whose design it says was inspired by the Batmobile (The Tumbler) from “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”. The world’s second largest defense company is thinking about using the so-called “The Raider” design for “a small, highly agile autonomous reconnaissance and… Read More

  • The most ridiculous cars of CES [gallery]

    I decided to take a gander through the car audio section of the show and was met with quite possibly some of the most grandiose automobiles I have ever been within 5 feet of. Despite the purpose of these vehicles being to showcase the audio systems these companies can create, flashing lights and bright colors seemed to be the attention getting method of choice. Although, more often than not… Read More

  • Sure, why not buy a Go Kart version of Batman's Tumbler?

    Listening to Ron and Fez right now, neither Fez nor East Side Dave were about to identify the Tumbler, the Batmobile from Batman Begins. Tsk-tsk. No matter, because you, too, can own a Go Kart replica of the vehicle in question. Read More