Tesla Should Make Sergey Brin’s Model S Makeover A Standard Option

Google co-founder Sergey Brin appears to have been pranked by Google employees, according to info shared on the Tesla Motors Club forum. This image of the Google bigwig's fancy Tesla Model S roadster,

"The Raider": British Combat Vehicle Design Based On Batmobile

<img src="" /> British defense company <a href="">BAE Systems</a> recently unveiled a concept vehicle whose

The most ridiculous cars of CES [gallery]

<img src="">I decided to take a gander through the car audio section of the show and was met with quite possibly some of the most grand

Sure, why not buy a Go Kart version of Batman's Tumbler?

<img src="" /> Listening to Ron and Fez right now, neither Fez nor East Side Dave were about to identify the Tumbler, the Batmobile from