Tesla Should Make Sergey Brin’s Model S Makeover A Standard Option

Google co-founder Sergey Brin appears to have been pranked by Google employees, according to info shared on the Tesla Motors Club forum. This image of the Google bigwig’s fancy Tesla Model S roadster, with some aftermarket additions, popped up today on Twitter. Note the sweet “Chrome” rims it’s rolling on, if you can pull your eyes away from the hot pink color scheme, long beautiful eyelashes and Batman iconography.

Besides the photo from the forum and Twitter, there’s also another pic shared by Google+ users and Google employee Nathan Johns, providing multiple angles from which to view this beauty. The makeover just might have something to do with Brin’s comment when discussing Glass about smartphones being “emasculating,” but it definitely also takes influence from the fact that there’s a longstanding rumor on Google campus that Brin is actually Batman.

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We’ve reached out to Google to find out whether or not this is going to become the default design for all future Google self-driving cars, and will update when we know more.