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  • Barnes & Noble is killing itself

    Barnes & Noble is killing itself

    I’ve been chronicling the slow demise of B&N for years now, watching the company bleed out, drop by drop, until it has become a shell of its former value. B&N was a cultural center in places without cultural centers. It was a stopover on rainy days in New York, Chicago, and Cleveland and it was a place you could go to get your kids’ first books. That’s mostly over now. Read More

  • What’s next for books?

    What’s next for books?

    I like Digital Reader editor Nate Hoffelder. He is one of the few bloggers about publishing who doesn’t suck up to the industry, nor does he particularly gild the lily. He basically believes that books are great, publishing is probably doomed and that writing is really important. That’s why I was happy that he surfaced and debunked the claims of Chip McGregor, an agent who… Read More

  • The new Barnes & Noble Nooks come with free malware

    The new Barnes & Noble Nooks come with free malware

    Barnes & Noble began outsourcing its Nook e-readers a few years ago after a partnership with Samsung and their latest $50 Nook 7 android tablet, announced last month, shows us how that has worked out for them. Their latest e-reader includes ADUPS, a firmware that sends user data back to the manufacturer or an interested hacker. This is the same malware that researchers found on cheap… Read More

  • Barnes & Noble is back with a $50 NOOK tablet

    Barnes & Noble is back with a $50 NOOK tablet

    Barnes & Noble spent a number of years going toe to toe with Amazon in the e-reader market and actually produced some pretty nice devices in the process. The last few years, however, have been pretty meager for the bookseller as far as hardware goes, with most of its announcements revolving around reading tablets co-branded with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab stamp. The latest product from… Read More

  • Barnes & Noble drops its CEO after deeming him ‘not a good fit’

    Barnes & Noble drops its CEO after deeming him ‘not a good fit’

    Easy come, easy go in corporate bookseller land. Less than a year after starting his gig as company head, Ronald D. Boire has been unceremoniously let go from his CEO gig at Barnes & Noble. The once ubiquitous book store chain made the announcement today in a somewhat tersely worded press release, noting that its Board of Directors, “determined that Mr. Boire was not a good fit for… Read More

  • Shelfie Is Shazam For Your Bookshelf

    Shelfie Is Shazam For Your Bookshelf

    If you’re like me, you have a lot of Mad Magazine books from the 1970s, a classic copy of Oui from 1979, and three Hungarian cookbooks. In other words, you’re a well-read individual. But how do you get those books onto your reading device? Shelfie, that’s how. Read More

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