Barnes & Noble drops its CEO after deeming him ‘not a good fit’

Easy come, easy go in corporate bookseller land. Less than a year after starting his gig as company head, Ronald D. Boire has been unceremoniously let go from his CEO gig at Barnes & Noble.

The once ubiquitous book store chain made the announcement today in a somewhat tersely worded press release, noting that its Board of Directors, “determined that Mr. Boire was not a good fit for the organization and that it was in the best interests of all parties for him to leave.”

Barnes & Noble is kicking off its CEO search yet again after picking up Boire from Sears Canada in July of last year (he officially started his brief tenure in September). As a result of their temporary CEO-lessness, the Nook-maker has asked Executive Chairman Leonard Riggio to postpone his planned September retirement until the position is filled.

The bookstore chain currently comprises 640 retail stores across 50 states, down from 726 in the late 00s.