Bank-based blockchain projects are going to transform the financial services industry

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies has grown, so has the banking industry’s interest in blockchain for fintech, with an increased and focused push on bank-backed blockchain projects.

10x, founded by the ex-CEO of Barclays, raises $46M to take on ancient banking infrastructure

The fintech revolution continues apace, and while many startups are hoping that newer and better tech will help them take business away from traditional banks, today a company has received a large rou

All major UK banks now support Apple Pay as Barclays finally goes live

Good news for UK readers who own Apple devices and use Barclays to manage their money: the bank has finally (finally) added support for Apple Pay months after its rivals.

A New Fintech Accelerator Emerges In London As Techstars Partners With Barclays

A new fintech accelerator has emerged in London, courtesy of a partnership between Barclays and Techstars. Similar to previous programs <a href="

Barclaycard partners with KashFlow to pilot e-invoicing service

<img alt="" src="" title="KashFlow" class="shot" width="219" height="79" />In what is potentially a big win for Softwar