Ballmer explains why he invested in Twitter

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage at Code Conference on Tuesday and talked about why he owns a large position in Twitter. At one point Ballmer owned 4 percent of the company, but he de

Ballmer To Purge His Sportsball Team Of Those Evil Apple Things

Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft, and new owner of some sort of sports team, is still pretty serious about hardware. In an interview with Reuters, Ballmer indicated that his team, the one he

A Look Back In Ballmer

Yesterday, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer exited the company’s board. It marked the end of an era for the software company, and showed, simply, how much the technology industry has changed s

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Said To Buy LA Clippers For $2B

Steve Ballmer, best known for his long tenure as the CEO of Microsoft, is reportedly set to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team for $2 billion, according to the LA Times. Previously, he

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella On Outgoing CEO Ballmer’s Legacy, Management Style, And Vision

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley today published an interview with Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, one of its key executives and a candidate to be its next CEO. The discussion as written focuses on the le

Interview Confirms Ballmer Wasn’t Fired, But His Exit Was Accelerated

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was not forced out of his role at the company, but its board did hasten his exit, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, whose sources include Ballmer himself, a

Ballmer’s Biggest Regret Is Missing Out On “The New Device Called The Phone”

Wrapping its analyst meetup, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer revealed his largest regret regarding product choices: Missing out on phones, which he claims has harmed Windows itself. If Gates was late

Microsoft’s Next CEO Will Not Spin Off Xbox, Unless They Abdicate The Company’s Larger Strategic Direction

A story published by Bloomberg floats the idea that Microsoft might spin off its Xbox business, which it calls "more likely [following current CEO Steve Ballmer's] exit." The publication values Xbox a

Microsoft Surrenders Ballmer Bump, Shares Up Just 2.4% Since The News Of His Exit

Microsoft announced the eventual exit of its CEO a week ago today, and its stock jumped to more past the $35 mark before settling at $34.75. At one point, Microsoft was worth $18 billion more than it

Playing Ballmer Bingo, Could Microsoft’s Next CEO Come From Google?

There are whispers bouncing around Silicon Valley that a Google executive might be selected as Microsoft's next CEO. The concept isn't out of the question, especially following Marissa Mayer's move to

Inside Ballmer’s Exit And Who Definitely Won’t Be Microsoft’s Next CEO

Today Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that <a href="">he will retire</a> in the next 12 months. His su

Steve Ballmer’s Classy Exit

Microsoft is a company struggling to be reborn, but its new trajectory is something Ballmer steered. Were mistakes made under his tenure? Certainly. But that doesn't mean Ballmer isn't leaving on a hi

Ballmer’s Exit Adds $18 Billion To Microsoft’s Value As Investors Cheer Its Impending Leadership Change

Today Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that within 12 months, he will exit as the company's leader. A special consortium at the company will work to find his replacement. And that person won't be

Ballmer Admits What We All Knew: Microsoft Built Far Too Many Surfaces

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has internally admitted that Microsoft built too many Surface RT units. We already knew that. That overproduction cost the company $900 million in its most recent quarter,

Who Honestly Wants Bill Gates To Come Back And Run Microsoft?

Bill Gates is not coming back to Microsoft as its CEO. He’s not. He’s said so again and again. And yet, today, some unsourced rumors began to circulate that the man was coming back to manage the c

We’ve Heard A Similar Reaction To Google Glass Somewhere Before

Google Glass is finding its way to developers and others and the reaction has been, well, predictable. So far, there are those who think that Glass will absolutely change the world, that it’s o

All Microsoft Build Attendees Get Free Surface Tablets, Lumia 920 And 100GB Of SkyDrive Storage

Just as Google is known for giving away <a href="">free devices to I/O attendees</a>, Microsoft also

Ballmer: Windows 8 PCs Are “The Best PCs Ever.” The Experience Is “Truly Magical”

At Windows 8 launch event, Microsoft co-founder and CEO <a target="_blank" href="">Steve Ballmer</a> took the stage to discuss Windows 8 on desktops, laptops

Microsoft’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Decade

<a href="">Microsoft</a> capped off decades of regular growth with their first <a href="

Gillmor Gang 1.22.11 (TCTV)

<img src="" alt="" title="Gillmor Gang test pattern" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-251383" />The abrupt retir
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