• G-Ro rolls out four new smart bags

    G-Ro rolls out four new smart bags

    I doubt there has been a time that I’ve scrolled through Facebook and not seen the G-Ro. While this could be part of the magic of retargeting but it could also be fate because the G-Ro has been one of the biggest and most exciting changes in carry-on luggage since the rucksack. The original G-Ro’s claim to fame were its massive wheels designed to lift over curbs and offer a… Read More

  • Herschel goes high tech with its new magic fabric

    Herschel goes high tech with its new magic fabric

    Everyone’s favorite retro backpack maker is heading into the 21st century. The Vancouver-based company has released something called the Sealtech Collection, a grand departure from their olde-timey design and materials. The collection uses a rip-stop material called Sealtech which can reseal itself after a small rip or puncture. The material consists of a grid of nylon threads that is… Read More

  • Bag Week: Herschel Little America Mid-Volume Select Backpack

    Bag Week: Herschel Little America Mid-Volume Select Backpack

    The new Herschel fall lineup includes the Heritage we reviewed earlier in bag week, but there are also new looks for the Little America. The smaller mid-volume version of this bag, in a Select color and material finish combination, might be more the speed of those with smaller backs, or who just don’t need a massive amount of storage space, and the signature Little America… Read More

  • Backpack Connects You With Travelers So You Can Purchase Items In Other Countries

    Backpack Connects You With Travelers So You Can Purchase Items In Other Countries

    Imagine a certain type of medication you needed wasn’t available in your country and was expensive to ship or acquire. Many people rely on friends or relatives traveling to these countries to bring back items that cannot be purchased in their country, whether it’s medicine or an iPhone. Backpack connects users with travelers who can bring desired products back at discounted prices. Read More

  • Review: The Timbuk2 Espionage Camera Backpack

    Review: The Timbuk2 Espionage Camera Backpack

    The tale of this backpack review is one of love and regret; I love how this backpack works and I regret that I did not take it on my last trip. In short, it’s a good pack, generally does what it is designed for and does it well. As I know a lot of you are photographers (or at least enjoy carrying around thermos-shaped objects from place to place), I thought I’d talk a bit about… Read More

  • Ogio Renegade RSS Backpack Makes For A Solid Hackathon Carry-All

    Ogio Renegade RSS Backpack Makes For A Solid Hackathon Carry-All

    The backpack arrived in the mail about 3 days ago — perfect timing for a business day trip I needed to make and a great test of this backpack’s capability. How did it work for me? Great. I love it. But why? Read More

  • Bag Week Review: Timbuk2 Swig Backpack

    Bag Week Review: Timbuk2 Swig Backpack

    I chose this bag because it’s a bit smaller than the other ones I tested this week and it could be good for a younger person or a svelte, slim lady/man about town. It is a fairly standard backpack but is nicely outfitted with a number of useful features including, but not limited to, a bottle opener, a side zipper to access your laptop, a bottle opener, and a bottle opener. I’m… Read More

  • Trek Support Backpack Charges Your Gadgets, Plugs Into The Wall

    So you’re traveling through the airport, and you’ve got your backpack loaded up with all your gadgets. You get through the security checkpoint, and now what? Well, how about if you could just plug your backpack in, and have it recharge all of your USB devices? What if that same backpack had a built in battery to recharge your devices whenever you need it too? Sounds cool, right? Read More

  • Bag Week: Crumpler King Single

    The Crumpler King Single is a laptop backpack with a low profile. That’s not to say it won’t draw attention; the color and styling is hard to miss, but the design holds your laptop and your stuff close to your center mass. Read More

  • Nixon Ground Swell surf pack

    I’m in the market for a new surf pack and Nixon’s Ground Swell just might fit the bill. It’s only $70 and comes with a waterproof wetsuit pocket that can be accessed via a side zipper. The outer shell and zippers are also waterproof. I’m sure I can stuff a shortie in there, but what about my 4/3 wetty? Nixon via Uncrate Read More

  • Review: V-Dimension Helius Solar Backpack

    Quick version: V-Dimension’s Helius Solar backpack provides portable power and an ample amount of storage to those who are constantly on the move. While it won’t charge your laptop, it will charge your iPhone/iPod, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Nokia devices. And anything with a mini-USB port or adapter, which is just about everything these days. And thanks to The Gadgeteers for… Read More

  • AvaLung backpack provides breathable air when you're trapped in an avalanche

    The AvaLung backpack does more than just carry your personal belongings; it also functions as an extra set of lungs. Imagine that you’re on the mountain skiing and all of the sudden an avalanches rolls down after you and traps you under the snow. No need to worry, AvaLung saves the day, transforming the CO2 built up under the snow into breathable air. Read More

  • World's first portable battery-powered oxygen supplier for better hiking

    Ymup [JP], a Shizuoka-based company with a bad homepage, has developed a backpack with an integrated oxygen generator powered by batteries. The portable device comes with a remote controller and is – according to Japanese newspapers – a world first. Users can use the backpack if they need oxygen while mountain trekking or hiking, for example. The oxygen with 30% concentration can… Read More

  • Neoprene backpacks for unfettered urban mobility

    Here’s a little something for those of you who are sick and tired of carrying your laptop around in a boring old bag. Why not strap it oh-so close to your back and dance through the subway system like an urban gazelle? Read More

  • Naneu Pro K3 Heads Back to the Motherland

    BEIJING — As an urban warrior on the streets of New York City, it’s almost a requirement for me to own a backpack with a laptop compartment. For the past year and a half, I’ve used the STM Sports backpack with much success and originally planned to take it on my trip to China. But then I was given the chance to bring the Naneu Pro K3 back to the motherland (it, like me… Read More

  • Spyder Groove backpack review

    Backpacks are like shoes, you can never have too many of them. At least that’s my logic. Backpacks are one of those things that I always seem to keep buying not matter how many I have. But this time around I decided to pick up one that offered something special. There are a number of MP3 player specific bags with built-in speakers, but I’ve found that most of them sound like garbage. Read More

  • GAI backpack is just confused

    Ah, acronyms. The downfall of society. It started with “lol” and now this backpack for Geniuses, Artists, and Innovators is continuing the tradition. OK, so it’s really the Booq Boa, a bag which has won multiple awards for being totally awesome but that’s beside the point. I mean is this thing gai or what? It has a whole lot of James Bond-y features like a rain… Read More