Diet Robot, Autom, Now Available On Indiegogo, Will Ship In Six Months

Just in time for post-holiday guilt comes Autom, the diet robot that reminds you to eat healthy, asks you how much you exercised per day, and generally sits there being judgmental as you stuff your fa

Meet Autom, The Quantified Self Robot That Is Your Next Diet Coach, Made By PCH And Intuitive Automata

The world is becoming increasingly populated with robots, and consumers are eating it up. Now, the latest robot to hit the market will help you keep your calories down in the process. <a target="_blan

Autom The Diet Robot Now Shipping In Time For Nog Season

I've been following <a href="">Autom</a> for years now, first interfacing with this happy little robot in China and then watching her grow into a young, intelligent di

Autom, the fat-fighting robot, is coming in 2010

You’ll recall that there was a bit of a buzz a few years ago about a fat-fighting robot named Autom designed to sit on your counter and convince you not to eat that last slice of pizza. Well, th