Roughly Half Of Users Are Finding Apps Via App Store Search, Says Study

The battleground for app discovery in the leading mobile app stores, iTunes and Google Play, has more to do with where an app ranks in the search results, than where it ranks in the charts. Or at leas

Mobile Action Raises $800K For Its App Discovery And Optimization Service

Getting a mobile app discovered, downloaded and then highly ranked is a challenging business – and one that’s now being dominated by larger players, it seems. One company benefiting from

Study Finds Download Volume May Impact App Store Search Results

New research released today from mobile app marketer Fiksu examines the impact that download volume has on search results in the iTunes App Store. Today, the App Store has over a million applications

Apple Improves App Store With Related Search Suggestions

Apple quietly introduced a new “related search” suggestion feature on the iTunes App Store, which began rolling out yesterday to iPhone users on iOS 7 devices. The addition involves show

As App Store Optimization Heats Up, MobileDevHQ Goes Free, Launches API

A company helping mobile developers optimize their app store listings for better discoverability, <a target="_blank" href="">MobileDevHQ</a>, is this week making its basic s

App Store Optimization Startup MobileDevHQ Raises $650,000 To Help App Marketers Get More Downloads

<a target="_blank" href="">MobileDevHQ</a>, a Seattle-based startup providing tools for App Store Optimization (ASO) and additional insights for mobile developers, has raise

App Store Optimization Heats Up: Appnique Debuts New Service To Help Developers Get Their Apps Found

Seattle-based <a target="_blank" href="">Appnique</a>, a new startup from mobile industry veteran Jai Jaisimha, is focused on helping app developers achieve higher rankings and

SearchMan Gives Developers At-A-Glance Info About Their Apps’ “Discoverability” With New Search Visibility Scores

The 500 Startups-backed app analytics firm <a target="_blank" href="">SearchMan</a> is debuting a new tool for mobile developers looking to quickly get a sense of how discovera

Five Big Changes In The iOS 6 App Store (And What Developers Should Do)

Is the new iOS App Store a step forward or step back for mobile app developers, users, and the app economy overall? Some developers are complaining that since the introduction of the Chomp-inspired Ap Launches App Store Prediction Tool, Tells Developers Which Keywords Work

Warsaw-based, three-person startup <a href=""></a> just released new <a href="">tools</a> that will appeal to mobile app developers, both of

ASO (App Store Optimization) Is The New SEO, And Here’s A Tool To Do It

What's the hardest thing about building a successful mobile app? If you answered "building a mobile app," you're wrong. It's getting your app found. With over <a href="