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SNK may be making a mini-console stuffed with arcade classics

If you've worked through the amazing selection of games provided by the NES and SNES Classic Editions, you may be in luck: SNK, the legendary arcade game creator behind the likes of Metal Slug and Sam

Making mastodon gummies, Geltor is recreating a truly paleo diet

Paul Shapiro Contributor Share on Twitter Paul Shapiro s the author of "Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World". Most paleo dieters try to stick to some t

Where did venture capitalists go to college?

The educational backgrounds of VC investment professionals are in some ways surprisingly diverse, even if the population of investors generally isn’t. Still, there are some definite trends to suss o

AI hype has peaked so what’s next?

Tom Rikert Contributor Tom Rikert is a partner at Next World Capital. More posts by this contributor The Next Big Opportunity In Enterprise Starts In The Field 2017 has been the year of AI, reaching a

Was Black Friday A DiSaaSter Or Simply Reversion To The Mean?

Joseph Floyd Contributor Joseph Floyd is a principal at Emergence Capital,/a>. Last Friday, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Workday lost $18B in market capitalization. To put that in perspective, these th

Romain Jerome Creates A Watch For True Mario Fans

Do you like Nintendo? Do you have $19,000? I think we found you a watch. The Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. the watchmaker’s take on good old Mario and his mushroom-induced adventures and is ai

Don Bluth Is Crowdfunding A Dragon’s Lair Movie

Hey, 10-year-old me. What’s up. Yeah, we got fat. Sorry. I’m working on it though. Trust me: we’re living a good life right now. Anyway, I wanted to travel back in time to tell you t

X-Arcade Tankstick review

There was a time in college that I wanted to buy a Golden Tee arcade machine because…well…it’s just about the coolest game ever. I also hated going to Clodfelters and paying up to $20 to play th