• AR.Pursuit Arms Your AR.Drone For Augmented Reality Warfare

    The AR.Drone just got a little more awesome. Hard to believe, yes, but that’s what an augmented reality game can do to your geek cred. The $2.99 app [virtually] equips your AR.Drone with automatic machine guns, rocket launchers, and other goodies in your quest to be the last AR.Drone standing. See, that’s the little issue. This app allows you to seek and destroy another AR.Drone… Read More

  • AR.Drone Torn Down

    The AR.Drone is one of the funnest things to do while drunk. We played with this thing on Thanksgiving evening and hit one of the propellers on the sidewalk. A little jiggling and it was ready to fly again. That’s what’s so great about the Drone – it’s amazing and it’s easy to fix, as iFixit just discovered. Best of all, Parrot offers repair videos and parts so… Read More

  • Review: Parrot AR.Drone

    We’ve seen the AR.Drone floating around multiple events this year including CES but we never really got a chance to play with it until this week. Before I get into my review, I’m going to tell you a story. People ask me all the time “What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen” and like a football stadium toilet attendant being asked how his Sunday went, I always… Read More

  • The Parrot AR.Drone iPhone-controlled drone finally gets a price

    The Parrot AR.Drone might be the coolest iPhone accessory ever made. It’s a four-propeller drone equipped with two cameras controlled by the movement of an iPhone. But is it worth it’s $300 price tag? Yeah, it actually is. We played around with it at CES and have to say that it’s an awesome device with so much potential for fun and profit. Read More