Parrot AR Drone 2 Priced At $300, Available For Pre-Order

If you’ve ever wanted a whirring quadcopter to fly dangerously close to your head and then suddenly flip over completely, righting itself before your eyes, you may want to put $300 down for the AR Drone 2, Parrot’s latest version of their amazing device.

The Drone, controlled via your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, has a number of improved features including the aforementioned “flip” feature that cause it to spin in midair. The new device has a 720p video camera built-in. The device will ship on April 9, allowing for plenty of spring time fun – scaring children, flipping off bonnets, and spying on the neighbors.

You can see our interview with the Parrot CEO at CES where he allowed us to sit, unscathed, under the Drone’s whirring blades of death.
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