AR.Drone Torn Down

Flying the AR.Drone is one of the funnest things to do while imbibing a beer or two. We played with this thing on Thanksgiving evening and hit one of the propellers on the sidewalk. A little jiggling and it was ready to fly again.

That’s what’s so great about the Drone – it’s amazing and it’s easy to fix, as iFixit just discovered. Best of all, Parrot offers repair videos and parts so even if you almost slam this thing into a brick wall it won’t be too damaged.

The AR.Drone is earth-shattering. It has blown away every drone expert we’ve talked to. It’s not just a toy: it’s a phenomenal piece of engineering that manages to solve some very difficult software problems in order to take flight. Hidden beneath the foam fascia lies some very sophisticated electronics, all of which makes flying the quadricopter very seamless. We were quite interested in seeing exactly what components Parrot used to make their awesome flying device.

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