Do A Barrel Roll: AR.Drone Challenges You To Become A Great Drone Pilot

Like Grig approaching Alex Rogan in a trailer park, AR.Drone wants you to become the greatest drone pilot in history. The contest involves a number of interesting challenges including The Spin, above, and a few more that will be announced over the next few weeks. Simply record yourself performing the challenges (well) and you could win one of these valuable prizes.

Grand prize: 1 round-trip to Las Vegas during the “Consumer Electronics Show”, valued at $3500 (includes transportation, accommodation and meals)
2nd and 3rd place prizes: 1 iPad 2 valued at $700
4th and 5th place prize: 1 helicopter flight valued at $425
6th-14th place: 1 AR.Race kit valued at $125
Each winner will also be awarded a Parrot AR.Drone valued at $299

I personally would like the helicopter ride over the CES trip (trust me, it’s not as much fun as you think it will be) but do what you feel.