• Camera+ 1.2 lets you select both focus and exposure points by touch

    Normally, we don’t write about iPhone apps getting new features — we’d be overloaded if we tried to cover even half. With that said, the new version of Camera+ has a feature that’s just too cool not to mention. The feature we’re talking about is called “Touch Exposure”. While Apple’s camera app lets you touch-to-focus on a point, it bases… Read More

  • TeleNav creating GPS blog reading system

    To me, geo-tagging in photography hasn’t really held much interest. Sure, it’s helpful when you see someones work that you admire, but generally I’ve always felt that it was kind of silly. TeleNav is looking to change that, through the use of a device that will show you images to places in your area that have been tagged. Read More

  • 11-year-old writes iPhone app, donates proceeds to charity

    So we always hear about how hard it is to get an iPhone app approved by Apple, but here’s an interesting case; an 11-year old boy managed to not just write an app, but get it approved, and now he’s donating some of the proceeds from the sale of that app to a children’s hospital. This kid didn’t just teach himself how to program, but he also managed to get the app… Read More

  • China Mobile to take 50%+ of the Application Market pie

    China Mobile, you’re doing it wrong. TelecomAsia reported that China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile phone operator, wants a big slice of the app revenue pie. Real big. They seek nothing less than 50% of all revenue generated by mobile apps from third-party developers. That’s considerably larger than the likes of Apple and Google’s Android, which both limit their cut… Read More

  • MySpace app for BlackBerry launching tonight

    Attention fellow BlackBerry Users- At 12:01 AM EDT on the 13th of November, MySpace is releasing their much anticipated mobile application for the BlackBerry platform. You can download it here from your desktop or navigate here from your BlackBerry browser. Read the rest at MobileCrunch Read More

  • This app turns your iPhone mobile phone into an abacus
    (video with special permission for – thanks Kako-san) Here comes an application from… Read More

  • Overclocking tool adds $1600 worth of speed to your Mac Pro

    But at what cost? This tool from ZDNet allows for super-easy overclocking of your Mac Pro. Until recently, overclocking has been one of the few remaining legs Windows users had up on Mac users, from an objective standpoint at least. The OC tools I’ve used on XP have ranged from the graphic to the obscure, and from the stable to the ridiculous. This ZDNet tool looks pretty simple, but… Read More