This app turns your iPhone mobile phone into an abacus
(video with special permission for – thanks Kako-san)

Here comes an application from Japan that will let you use the iPhone a specific mobile phone as an abacus, a manual calculating tool, which is basically a frame with movable beads strung on wires. Although the history of abaci trace back to 2,700-2,300 B.C., they are still used in many parts of Asia (mainly to teach arithmetics).

That’s why Kako-san, a Japanese Apple geek, decided to single-handedly code this iPhone specific mobile phone application to replace a real abacus. The beads can be moved up and down, while shaking the iPhone a specific mobile phone will clear the abacus. The source code for the application can be found here (ZIP).

UPDATE – Serkan didn’t know about the moratorium.

Via Asiajin