New Apple TV Hardware With Siri, App Store And HomeKit Said To Be Planned For WWDC

Apple had Apple TV news at its most recent special event, but it wasn’t the new Apple TV hardware some expected. That refresh is coming in June at WWDC, however, according to Buzzfeed’s Jo

No, AirPlay Is Not The New Apple TV

If you asked your mom or dad what DLNA or UPnP stood for or did, would they just look at you weird? While the two technologies enable users to wirelessly beam content to Internet Connected TVs from th

The Best iOS Apps To Watch On Apple TV

Developers don’t have to wait for a fully baked version of Apple TV to come out to get a feel for how their apps will play on the big screen. Although an eco-system for Apple TV apps does not yet

AppleTV Will Run iOS, Might Be Jailbreakable

<img src="" />With the new <a href="">AppleTV</a> coming out later this month there's been q

Apple's New TV Device Said To Have Netflix Access

<img src="" /><a href="">Includin

Apple To Reignite The iPod Fire With Hot New Models This Week? Yep.

<img src=""><a href="">Apple </a>has an event on the books for <a href="

Apple's Flawed TV Strategy: It's (Not Quite) The Cloud, Stupid

<img src="">When looking at the current incarnation of Apple TV we find a tragically flawed device that <a HREF="

Will Apple Produce An HDTV In 2-4 Years? No Way

<img src="" alt="" width="300" height="300" /></a>It can be argued that Apple eventually dominates in every consumer electronic marke

UK's ITV Not Pleased With Apple iTV Rumors, Says It Will Defend Its IP

<img src="" />As soon as <a HREF="

The Apple TV Is Dead: $99 Next-Gen Model To Be Called iTV, Run iOS, And Play Back At 720p

<img src="">The next version of the <a href="">Apple TV</a> is coming soon. There's been a few rumors

The Boxee Beta hits Apple TV

<img src="">The news is a bit aged but Boxee Beta is now on the Apple TV which means folks who updated to the latest ATV firmware ca

No new AppleTV at music keynote

<img src="" />Rumor has it that the rumors of a rumored Apple TV update at the non-rumored Apple music event on September 9 were just rumo

Help Key: How to hack your Apple TV

John Biggs Contributor Share on Twitter John Biggs is a writer, consultant, programmer, former East Coast Editor and current contributing writer for TechCrunch. He writes mainly about technology, cryp

Netflix on Boxee, but no AppleTV support (yet)

Boxee, the excellent, multi-platform, FOSS social media frontend has received a major upgrade: it now supports Netflix and all its functions — queue, watch instantly, and so on. In addition to t

Boxee updated for AppleTV 2.3

We posted some rather complicated instructions over the weekend for users of the AppleTV augmentation app Boxee to manually upgrade. Of course, the official version would come out after only a day or

AppleTV 2.3 nix your Boxee? Follow these complicated instructions to re-install

As skeptical as I’ve been about AppleTV, Boxee makes it look pretty damn nice. If you’re one of those who tried out this mod but have been left out in the rain by the 2.3 firmware update,

Hey! Where's my Genius?

So I just updated the AppleTV and fired her up. There were no visual changes in the interface except for a message encouraging you to hold down the Play/Pause button to bring up other options. The opt

Boxee makes your AppleTV better

Hacking the AppleTV to make it ostensibly better has long been an underground hobby of mine. I upgraded my hard drive and tried to add plug-ins but this may be the holy grail of ATV mods. Boxee basica

MacBook Air shipping, AppleTV update not so much

Always one to kill two birds with one stone, Apple has announced the official availability of the Macbook Air and the fact that the AppleTV update will hit “within two weeks,” which is fou

Is Apple skimming dough off AppleTV rentals to cover the price drop?

Everyone was happy to hear that the AppleTV was losing a bit of cost, as it was hard to justify getting one before with the features it offered. Now, however, it’s a much better deal (some disag
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