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Apple iPad Screen Supplier Has Slowed Production Of 9.7 Inch Panes, Says Reuters

Sharp Corp, a supplier of screens for Apple's iPad tablet, has slowed production of the 9.7 inch panes used for the full-sized iPads, according to a report by Reuters. Sharp's iPad screen production

iPad To Dominate Tablet Downloads For Next 5 Years, Owning 56% In 2017: Analyst

Despite Apple's lead in the tablet market taking its first serious dent in Q3, the iPad's dominance of the tablet market will continue for the next five years, according to Strategy Analytics. The lau

eBay Sold Four iPad 2s Per Minute This Cyber Monday Morning

Online commerce giant <a href="">eBay</a> this morning ran a Cyber Monday deal for a white Apple <a href="">iPad 2</a> WiF

Reimagining The Magazine Cover For The iPad

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Hulu Could Still Launch On The iPad

<img src="" alt="" /> When Steve Jobs unveiled the <a href="">iPad</a> last m

Why My Mom's Next Computer Is Going To Be An iPad

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Why Bigger Is Better: The iPad And The Arc of Computing

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The iPad Will Make Apple's Acquisition Of Quattro Wireless Look Even Smarter

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Steve Wozniak Talks iPad (Video)

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Adobe: Flash Apps Will Run On The iPad, Even Full Screen At Some Point

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Apple Doesn't Own A Single iPad Related Domain Name

<img src="" width="215" height="133" />Perhaps Apple was just being extremely careful not to draw any attention to the widely speculate

Investors Didn't Like The iPad Until They Heard Its $499 Price

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Media Markt's iPad Confirming Tweet Turns Out To Be Bogus

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