Don’t foul this free-throwing Toyota basketball robot

Because if it gets to the free-throw line, it sinks the shot – every. single. time. This robot (via The Verge) is the project of a group of Toyota engineers using their spare time, to build a robot

Sony Pictures is buying the Japanese anime distributor behind ‘Dragon Ball Z’

Sony Pictures is taking a majority stake in the distribution response for smash-hit anime series ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and others. The company announced today that it is making an undisclosed in

This Psycho-Pass Dominator Replica Switches Battle Modes Like Wow

While I am not a huge fan of anime – I stopped at Akira and never picked it back up – I can appreciate attention to detail and true proplica badassery when I see it. And so we present the

Video: Kinect-Powered "Ghost In The Shell" Cyberspace Booth

<img src="" /> And yet another <a href="">Kinect</a> hack: Japan-based web company <a href="ht

iPhone Moe Book: This Is How It's Done, Fanboys

<img src=""> How much do you love your iPhone? Enough to draw 64 images featuring fulsome young ladies in daring positions fondling th

How about that? ‘Halo Legends’ anime coming right at ya

<img src="" />I guess we can consider this one of Microsoft's big San Diego Comicon announcements. Redmond has teamed up with with a

Nice stems, Gundam

<img src="" />How come we don't get stuff like this all over the states? <a href="

First full-length Dragonball trailer is out and it looks terrible

Following Terminator Salvation, Japan got another trailer for a widely anticipated movie today first. It’s the trailer for the live-action Dragonball movie, which has been recently renamed to Dr

Japanese DS owners get full-length anime movies, all others don't

Japanese Nintendo fans are able to download digital manga on their Wii and their DS for a few weeks now. The DS service, called DSvision [JP], requires a special hardware add-on to view episodes of Ja

Sam Jackson to tap Andre 3000 for Afro Samurai role?

I realize Andre 3000 is a multi-talented dude, but does his expertise extend to swordplay? Samuel L. Jackson thinks so, and as the guiding force behind the Afro Samurai live-action film, now in planni

Bandai spices up (?) cult anime Ghost in the Shell, releases a new Blu-ray box

Bandai Visual today announced [JP, PDF] that the new version of the 1995 cult anime Ghost in the Shell will be released on Blu-ray in Japan on December 19th. The MSRP for the so-called Ghost in the Sh

Japanese companies start anime and manga download service for the Nintendo DS

Japanese interactive content providers am3 [JP] and DaiNippon Printing started DSvision [JP] today, a fee-based service bringing anime and manga to owners of the Nintendo DS. DSvision was announced la

A wearable tentacle arm shows just how much you care

[photopress:tentaclearm.jpg,full,center] Pretty sure you know exactly what this is and exactly how to use it (and for only $15!). Enjoy your weekend. Tentacle Arm [Gaia Online Store via Kotaku]

Microsoft Adds Country Music Television, Logo and More Hi-Def Movies to XBL Marketplace This Month

With its Xbox Live Marketplace, Microsoft is fighting to make sure Apple’s iTunes doesn’t become the de-facto service for downloadable movies and TV shows. To ensure this, the bad boys fro