• This Psycho-Pass Dominator Replica Switches Battle Modes Like Wow

    This Psycho-Pass Dominator Replica Switches Battle Modes Like Wow

    While I am not a huge fan of anime – I stopped at Akira and never picked it back up – I can appreciate attention to detail and true proplica badassery when I see it. And so we present the Dominator from Psycho-Pass, a quick-converting replica gun that moves from “paralyzer” to “eliminator” mode. It also connects to your smartphone for some added fun… Read More

  • Video: Kinect-Powered "Ghost In The Shell" Cyberspace Booth

    And yet another Kinect hack: Japan-based web company Kayac has set up some kind of semi-closed “cyberspace booth” [JP] in a department store in Tokyo, in which the “experience” is largely based on the Microsoft sensor. The booth is supposed to “reproduce the cyberspace of Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex(S.A.C.)”, a famous science-fiction… Read More

  • iPhone Moe Book: This Is How It's Done, Fanboys

    How much do you love your iPhone? Enough to draw 64 images featuring fulsome young ladies in daring positions fondling the hardware while staring guile-lessly at the horizon? Didn’t think so. J-List has this $35 Moe book by some of the best anime artists. All of the pictures, besides showing girls in various states of coquetry, feature the iPhone quite prominently. Read More

  • How about that? ‘Halo Legends’ anime coming right at ya

    I guess we can consider this one of Microsoft’s big San Diego Comicon announcements. Redmond has teamed up with with a bunch of anime studios to create “Halo Legends,” a new anime series based on the Halo world and lure. It’s a bit of an odd match, yes. Read More

  • Nice stems, Gundam

    How come we don’t get stuff like this all over the states? Gigantic beetlebots, wall-climbing spider monsters, and now a full-sized Gundam? For some reason, the only thing we super-size here is fries. Shouldn’t we have thousand-foot-tall robot cowboys and stuff? Read More

  • First full-length Dragonball trailer is out and it looks terrible

    Following Terminator Salvation, Japan got another trailer for a widely anticipated movie today first. It’s the trailer for the live-action Dragonball movie, which has been recently renamed to Dragonball Evolution (I have no idea why). If the movie looks like the two minutes that can be seen in the trailer, we are in for a total catastrophe. Read More

  • Japanese DS owners get full-length anime movies, all others don't

    Japanese Nintendo fans are able to download digital manga on their Wii and their DS for a few weeks now. The DS service, called DSvision [JP], requires a special hardware add-on to view episodes of Japanese anime series downloaded from the DSVision web site. Now am3 [JP] and DaiNippon Printing are planning to launch a service that makes it possible to watch full-length animated features on the DS. Read More

  • Sam Jackson to tap Andre 3000 for Afro Samurai role?

    I realize Andre 3000 is a multi-talented dude, but does his expertise extend to swordplay? Samuel L. Jackson thinks so, and as the guiding force behind the Afro Samurai live-action film, now in planning stages, what he says goes. I know Afro Samurai was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread, but I was actually kind of disappointed by it. Although it hit all the anime stylistic… Read More