How about that? ‘Halo Legends’ anime coming right at ya


I guess we can consider this one of Microsoft’s big San Diego Comic Con announcements. Redmond has teamed up with with a bunch of anime studios to create “Halo Legends,” a new anime series based on the Halo world and lure. It’s a bit of an odd match, yes.

But first, the people involved. Microsoft broke the bank and obtained the services of Shinji Aramaki, who directed “Appleseed,” and Mamoru Oshii, who directed “Ghost in the Shell,” which even I have heard of, and I know nothing about anime. Warner Bros. will distribute “Halo Legends.”

Bones, Production I.G, Studio 4°C, and Toei Animation are all involved with bringing Halo Legends to life.

My initial reaction was, “Well, that’s neat, I guess.” But then I thought, “Wait a minute. Anime fans are, shall we say, a tight-knit community. And your average Halo fan, in my experience, are sort of the Everyman.” Not that a Halo anime is oil and water, per se, but it just seems like an odd match.

But whatever you can do to make a few extra dollars, I guess.