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Review: Google’s High-End Pixel C Tablet

Until now, the Pixel brand was all about Chrome OS laptops. But in September, the company surprised us all when it announced its Surface competitor, the 10.2-inch Pixel C Android tablet with its optio

Google Launches New Site To Showcase Experimental Open Source Apps For Android And Android Wear

Google launched Android Experiments today, the mobile apps counterpart to its Chrome Experiments site. Just like with Chrome Experiments, the idea behind Android experiments is to showcase apps tha

Snakebyte Vyper Adds Home Theatre Features To An Android Game Console And Tablet

Many companies are betting that people want some kind of Android-based gaming solution in their living room, from Ouya to GameStick to Nvidia. One new initiative along those lines debuted at CES 2014

Google’s New Plan To Highlight Android Tablet Apps Starts On November 21

Android plays host to some impressive tablet apps -- I'm partial to IMDb and Flipboard to name just a few -- but I've all too often downloaded an app only to discover that it's a regular phone app sca

Group Photo-Sharing App Tracks Continues Cross-Platform Push With Support For iPad And Android Tablets

Mobile photo-sharing app <a target="_blank" href="">Tracks</a> is today continuing its cross-platform expansion efforts, after arriving on Android earlier this fall and on Windo Launches Android Tablet App

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>, the financial service <a href="" target="_blank">we first mentio

Lenovo Outs The ThinkPad Tablet, An Android Tablet You Might Actually Want

Last week I tuned into a press preview of today's Lenovo announcement. It was an online presentation so, you know, I went on and did other things while half listening. I was nearly ready to close the

Blake Griffin Demos The Upcoming Vizio Android Tablet

<img src="">Blake Griffin, previously known for dunking over midsize Korean sedans and playing for LA's other NBA team, just posted to his

Fly Or Die: Can The Daily Make It?

<img src="" /> The big product <a href="">lau