Group Photo-Sharing App Tracks Continues Cross-Platform Push With Support For iPad And Android Tablets

Mobile photo-sharing app Tracks is today continuing its cross-platform expansion efforts, after arriving on Android earlier this fall and on Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT (yes, RT!) just a couple of weeks ago. Today, the company is going after the majority of the tablet market with the launch of Tracks for iPad and Android tablets.

The tablet launch brings all of the key app features to the big screen, including the Tracks camera with live filters, integration with Facebook, Flickr and Instagram, and more, while also offering an experience that takes advantage of the new form factor. For example, you can now add photos, videos and friends, or jump into slideshow mode, from just one screen.


Launched at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2011, Tracks was once described as the Color for normal people – that is,  it offers users a more straightforward way to create shared photo albums. These albums are called “Tracks,” and they’ve historically been available on both mobile and web. Despite the spectacular failure that was the over-funded Color, group photo-sharing is actually an increasingly popular niche in the broader photo-sharing market.

Some companies, like Flock, and Flayvr, are now more direct Tracks competitors in this space, especially in terms of one of the startup’s newer features called “Magic Tracks.” This option automatically groups your photos with those from your friends, based on time and location. It’s notable, then, that Tracks has beaten the other apps doing this same thing to the tablet market.


Another newer feature, also introduced this fall, allows users to follow others’ public albums (aka “joinable tracks”), centered around a theme like food or fashion, for example. Given the timing of that feature’s launch, holiday themes and family-focused tracks have been popular among Tracks user base, the company tells us.

Since the debut of these options in the fall and the added support for Android, the company says engagement has been “phenomenal.” However, Tracks is currently declining to share user numbers, actives or app downloads. Tracks’ Director of Marketing Raj Moorjani would tell us, though, that the average active Tracks user is now sharing 10 photos per day, “liking” 3.5 photos per day, and viewing 10 Tracks albums per day.

The new Tracks application for iPad and Android is going live in the respective app stores now.