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  • Yes, it’s early May, but here are some new HP back-to-school Pavilion PCs

    Yes, it’s early May, but here are some new HP back-to-school Pavilion PCs

    It’s May, and students everywhere are making last-minute preparations for the prom and eagerly watching the clocks tick down to summer break. But HP’s here to remind you that back-to-school season is just around that next corner, as the world continues mercilessly spinning forward. The computer maker’s got a big lead on the fall with a new series of devices aimed at… Read More

  • 2013 iMac Review: Apple’s All-In-One Benefits Big From Improved Processor, Graphics

    2013 iMac Review: Apple’s All-In-One Benefits Big From Improved Processor, Graphics

    The new iMac Apple introduced without much fanfare a couple of weeks ago is an evolutionary upgrade, retaining the slimline design it debuted with last year’s pre-holiday refresh, and introducing some major specification bumps under the hood. For owners of any of those machines, it probably won’t be surprising to hear that this year’s upgrade takes what was a great computer… Read More

  • 2012 21.5-Inch Apple iMac Review: Slim, Sleek, And Stylish, But Far From Shallow

    2012 21.5-Inch Apple iMac Review: Slim, Sleek, And Stylish, But Far From Shallow

    Apple’s new redesigned iMac marks a significant departure from a physical design for the company’s all-in-one desktop that’s been relatively the same, with a few tweaks, since 2007. The new iMac represents a significant visual change, and packs a lot of new stuff inside the entry-level $1,299 version as well, which is the one I received for testing. Here’s how it… Read More

  • A First Look At The 2012 21.5-inch iMac, And How It Compares To Generations Past

    A First Look At The 2012 21.5-inch iMac, And How It Compares To Generations Past

    The new iMac all-in-one desktop computer from Apple goes on sale today, and it includes a significant hardware redesign. Apple has cut bulk and thinned out the edges with a tapered design that is only 5 mm thick at the edge. Leaving aside what’s new under the hood, the case itself is impressive enough that it merits a good look. Here’s what the new 21.5-inch version of the iMac… Read More

  • Review: The Telikin PC For Older Folks

    Review: The Telikin PC For Older Folks

    I’ve been putting off writing about the Telikin because, arguably, any PC is suitable the older audience that the Telikin is aimed. I set my Dad up with a Linux machine and then a Mac Mini and he’s been surfing Drudge and listening to Polka like a champ for almost a decade now. Why spend $699 when you can feasibly hook Grandma up with a PC for $400 or so at Best Buy? Well the… Read More

  • HP Releases Another Pair Of Touchsmart All-In-Ones

    If, as Rita Mae Brown once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” and HP’s dedication to TouchSmart is KAAA-RAYYYY-ZEEE! Their two latest models, the 610 and the 9300, will cost about $1,000 (the 610 is $900) and feature large touchscreens that slide down to create a nearly flat surface. I, personally, have never seen… Read More

  • Review: HP eStation All-In-One Printer With An Android Tablet

    Short version: part useful application of new technology, part marketing gimmick, the HP eStation is a solid all-in-one printer that uses a wireless Android-powered touchscreen tablet as its primary interface. The printer is about what you’d expect from HP these days, while the tablet presents some interesting new usability options. You certainly shouldn’t buy the eStation… Read More

  • Acer Releases A New Veriton All-In-One Desktop

    Do you need an all-in-one? Nah, probably not, but that won’t stop Acer from plopping out two new models, a 21-incher and an 18-incher for $700 and $500, respectively. They have touchscreens and run an Intel Atom processor. They have 2GB of memory and nice fat hard drives to play back all those pretty HD videos in the kitchen. Read More

  • Panasonic outs plasma 3D TVs with built-in HDDs and Blu-ray recorders

    Total spec overkill from Panasonic today: the company just announced [JP] the world’s first all-in-one TVs that feature 3D capability and come with built-in HDDs and Blu-ray recorders. The devices are following four 3D plasmas Panasonic Japan has shown in recent months. Read More

  • Hands-on with Lenovo's cavalcade of laptops and PCs

    Lenovo’s new line-up is heavy on the all-in-ones but has a few surprises up its sleeve. I got a chance to look at most of the new line last week and came away extremely enthused by the twee Q150. From the press release: If your idea of fun is tricking out your living room entertainment center, then the Lenovo IdeaCentre Q150 is the perfect solution. At just 0.82 inches wide and 6.7… Read More

  • HP launches updated business, new consumer desktop systems

    HP announced their latest desktop systems today, including a new consumer level all-in-one system, and a new business desktop. They also released the latest specs on their TouchSmart line, which will now be available with the Intel Core i3 and i5 CPUs. All of HP’s new systems are made without BFR/PVC products in the plastic, and the All-in-One is the first desktop to be made this way. Read More

  • TouchSmart Web packs a touch interface PC into your printer

    Convergence. That’s the word that comes to mind when I watch the fancy demonstration of the HP Photosmart Premium TouchSmart web printer. We’ve all seen the all-in-one PC design, a la the iMac, but how often do we see a printer and a computer in one package? HP is bundling a teeny little touch-interface computer with their latest set of printers, allowing you to access stuff from… Read More

  • Averatec's new all-in-one is the choice for the discerning evil genius

    Take a look at that computer. I understand it’s not going to look quite that jet-black in real life, but come on. If you were an evil genius and you were outfitting headquarters, you can streamline both your hideout and your purchasing process by getting a bunch of these. Black and imposing, yet fast enough to crunch those evil numbers your henchmen are always dealing with. Read More

  • Quick Look: 18.4-inch Averatec D1100 All-In-One PC

    The 18.4-inch D1100 from Averatec showed up at my house recently and I thought, hey, lazy Saturday — let’s set it up. I had forgotten the specs, the price, and all the relevant details but when I had gotten everything together (a process which took less than ten minutes) I can tell you that I’m impressed by how nice the computer looks. Especially since — surprise! Read More

  • Sony launches the new all-in-one JS1 PC

    Sony is giving the all-in-one PC concept the ‘ol college try with yet another series: the JS1. The 20.1-inch widescreen LCD should show off Vista’s eye candy or a Blu-ray disc nicely, while a Core 2 Duo, 3GB of memory and a 500GB hard drive provides the backbone for the PC. Sony really wants this all-in-one to provide entertainment while chilling on your Pottery Barn-style digs… Read More

  • Sony BRAVIA Theater: BDV-IT1000 Blu-ray all-in-one

    It’s just a matter of time before Blu-ray all-in-one systems hit the street. Sony’s BDV-IT1000 seems like a killer system even though AV guys will scoff due to the all-in-one moniker. I believe the two HDMI inputs, wireless rear channels, 1080p24 along with Dolby Digital Plus, TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio support rounds out this system nicely. We all know… Read More

  • Canon releases two new combo printers

    Canon today unveiled two more multifunction models to their printer line, PIXMA MP480 and the PIXMA MP190. Both printers combine the capabilities of a scanner and a printer into one unit. The PIXMA MP480 is expected to street around $100, while the PIXMA MP190 will be available for $70. Round up of specs after the jump. Read More

  • HP TouchSmart iQ504 and iQ506 now available

    Announced last month at HP’s Connecting Your World conference in Berlin (Peter was there), the HP TouchSmart iQ504 and iQ506 PCs are now available for purchase. Suggested retail pricing is $1,299 for the iQ504 and $1,499 for the iQ506, but you can find them for about a hundred bucks less on and they’re also available at plenty of other retailers. Read More

  • Averatec back from the dead with new all-in-one PC

    Remember Averatec? T’was once Sotec and appears to now be TriGem Computer peddling PCs and notebooks under the Averatec brand name? Whatever the case may be, there’s a new all-in-one on the market for $1,199 for those of you still interested in skinny-but-sorta-powerful computers. The Averatec All-in-One PC (as it’s called) consists of a 22-inch screen at 1680×1050… Read More

  • All-in-one Eee PC or just a monitor?

    Our buds over at Laptop have some interesting photos of an Eee monitor that might be a 19- or 20-incher with a built-in Webcam. A total of four USB ports, two Ethernet ports, and three audio ports are visible on the monitor/all-in-one. Denon logos suggest the unit has built-in speakers and an amplifier. The Eee monitor is rumored to be priced at $500 with a built-in TV tuner and more than… Read More