Lenovo’s new all-in-one has a swiveling screen, because sure, why not?

Leave it to Lenovo to give the world a swiveling all-in-one. It’s kind of the company’s M.O. — not always the most necessary or practical, but never not interesting. When it comes to fairly staid product categories like this, I’m all for trying something a little weird. And hey, in a world of convertible and two-in-one devices, the big, heavy AIO has always been a holdout.

Let’s start with the why here.

I suppose there are at least a handful of reasons you would want a vertical screen. If, say, you’re a journalist who endlessly scrolls through news feeds. Though, honestly, the idea of looking at Twitter on a vertical 27-inch 4K display makes me break out into a cold sweat these days. Like the swiveling Samsung TV before it, the form factor allows you to view content in portrait mode à la your handset.

And like the Sero, it’s hard to imagine too many users deeming such a feature necessary. I could probably see myself using it once or twice a year. It might also be a bonus while doing spring cleaning. Of course, there’s always the possibility that opening a new screen orientation option could go a ways toward adapting your workflow.


All in all it’s not a bad-looking all-in-one. The 4K screen includes some solid color features, per Lenovo:

Yoga AIO 7 affords peerless 4K visuals and more authentic colors than you’ve ever seen before on screen through the 99% Adobe RGB color gamut and a hyperrealistic DCI-P3 99% color space. It’s also designed in accordance with professional-grade display requirements, adopting DC dimming, carrying Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light dual certifications from TUV Rheinland and OSD functionality to facilitate display settings.

You can cast your mobile device directly to the desktop, which is mostly where the rotating screen comes in. It ships with 16 or 32GB of RAM, and between 256GB-1TB of solid-state storage. There’s also a standard hard drive option that comes in either 1 or 2TB.

It’s available now in China and will hit additional markets next month, priced at $1,599. North America may or may not ultimately be one of those markets.