• Alienware M11x autopsy photos

    The Alienware M11x is a fascinating modern notebook. May I say that it probably took “out-of-this-world technology” to pack so much power into a little kit? Get it? Because it’s an Alienware. You got? Yes, I know I’m dumb. John tells me that every day. Just click through for the photos, pal. Let’s get on with this. Read More

  • Review: Alienware Aurora ALX

    Short version: The Aurora ALX is quite possibly the fastest computer I’ve ever used. It is in a word, amazing. The water cooling, thermally reactive venting system, and lighting combine to make a system that runs great, looks amazing, and has some innovative features that make you go “duh. why didn’t I think of that?” Of course performance has its price, and you will… Read More

  • Alienware to probe shoppers on QVC

    Get ready home shoppers, Alienware is going to be paying you a visit at 1am Eastern time on the 6th. Apparently, showing up on geeky TV shows and at Blizzcon isn’t enough, so Alienware is going to be selling it old school: on QVC late nights. Read More

  • Pre-order your Alienware M11x right now

    Got a hankering for Alienware’s 11-inch ultra-portable like everyone else? Well then head over to Dell’s site where you can spec out your very own M11x right now with your choice of Core 2 Duo CPUs, up to 8GB of Dual Channel DDR3 memory, Verizon or AT&T mobile broadband and either a spinning hard drive or a 256GB SSD. It’s really not that hard to jump the M11x’s… Read More

  • The Alienware M11x netbook gets priced, dated and detailed

    The Alienware M11x is an odd duck. The company calls it a netbook, but it’s packing a Core 2 Duo CPU and 1GB NVIDIA GT 335M GPU. Even the 720p-capable 11.6-inch screen doesn’t exactly screen netbook. Then there is the target $899 price that just knocks it the hell out of the netbook realm. So, yeah, let’s just call the M11x what it is: an ultra-portable. Read More

  • New things from Dell: Tablets, phones, laptops

    Not to be left out of the deluge of new releases at CES, Dell is giving us a look at their new 5-inch tablet concept and Android-smartphone for AT&T. There’s also some new laptops and things, you know, if you’re into that. Read More

  • Steam to come pre-installed on Alienware PCs

    After a clean OS install, Steam is the third thing I load on the PC, after only Chrome and Photoshop. It has became the center of my gaming life and now Dell has worked a dell with the company to have the digital delivery manager pre-installed on all Alienware systems. Just think, Steam is non-spyware or bloatware software pack that will probably be installed on the Alienware rig anyway. Read More

  • Review: Alienware M17x gaming laptop

    Short Version: Billed by Alienware as “the most powerful laptop in the universe,” the M17x is simply an amazing piece of hardware. It combines the latest in hardware with an extremely high-quality finish to create a laptop that is incredibly fast and well-designed. Unfortunately, it also might be the most expensive laptop in the universe. Read More

  • Alienware Aurora ALX announced, melts faces with speed

    Alienware announced some new systems recently, including their latest desktop box, the Aurora ALX. The biggest news about the Aurora is the inclusion of the new ATI Radeon HD 5870 card. Reputed to be the current “top of the heap” when it comes to video cards, it’s being tested all over the web. Read More

  • Tokyo Game Show: How Resident Evil 5 looks on an Alienware PC (video)

    Alienware announced yesterday they will “shake the gaming world to its foundation” at the Tokyo Game Show 2009. Well, the show started today, I went there and played Resident Evil 5 (and a bunch of other titles, for example Streetfighter 4) on Alienware hardware. I’m not sure if the gaming world is really that different when compared to yesterday, but all the games did look… Read More

  • Alienware turns to Intel Core i7 CPUs for new M15x notebook, desktops

    Alienware said that it was going to “shake the gaming world to its foundation” this week at the Tokyo Game Show. I don’t know if these new rigs really do all that, but they are impressive enough. Read More

  • Leaked: Alienware has new M15x and desktop gaming rigs for TGS

    Well, that’s no fun. We just posted the Alienware teaser this morning that states the company was going to introduce new kits at the Tokyo Game Show and the systems have already leaked. Read More

  • Alienware to "shake the gaming world to its foundation" at the Tokyo Game Show

    There are few companies that can actually fulfill a statement as commanding as “to shake the gaming world to its foundation.” I believe Alienware is one of them. The company has pushed the high-performance gaming envelope for as long as it has been around. If Alienware says that they have something special, I’m inclined to believe it. But what the hell is coming? Read More

  • Alienware unleashes a new mouse and keyboard for gamers

    Gamers have it made nowadays. In the old days, they would have to deal with computer peripherals that were meant for an office environment and not tailored to meet their gaming needs. But that’s changed. Now even Alienware has a line of gaming accessories. Previously, Alienware showed off the OptX LCD monitor and TactX Headset, but apparently there is a TactX keyboard and TactX mouse… Read More

  • Introducing the Alienware TactX Headset

    It looks like Dell is expanding the Alienware brand. First there was the OptX AW2210 monitor and now the TactX Headset. Judging by the specs of 16 Hz – 16kHz and -38 dB, it’s your standard gaming headset. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a couple of cool features. Read More

  • The Alienware OptX AW2210 21.5-inch LCD monitor – Hadoken!

    Dell’s prepped a killer 1080p monitor that should be great for gaming. Well, it should be. The OptX AW2210 is afterall an Alienware product. (read: it’s overpriced, but loaded)
    [PSGallery=7sc3j0pqwn] Read More

  • Attack of the 43-inch curved screens

    Am I crazy, or did NEC and Alienware just unveil the same thing? Alienware’s original curved monitor, which we saw at CES last year, had some issues which have since been resolved, but was their hand forced by NEC’s announcement? At $8000 the NEC one isn’t going to be making into a lot of homes, but is this one any different? Well, it’s made by Ostendo and… Read More

  • Alienware debuts the allpowerful M17x

    Wow, it seems that someone over at couldn’t keep their mouth shut and announced the Alienware M17x a bit early. No matter, the most important thing is that you see what this baby has under the hood. It’s damn impressive and certainly allpowerful. Read More

  • Alienware Allpowerful notebook teased in a riddle

    Get ready to meet your maker. Alienware‘s Allpowerful (that’s the codename) will decimate everything in its path and leave nothing but trembling subjects in the wake. This monstrosity is more than a desktop replacement. It’s so big, it could be the desk. Trust us, we’ve seen and played with the beast. Alienware isn’t ready to release it yet, but this riddle… Read More

  • Alienware teases at a new laptop line

    ALLPOWERFUL! Alienware is teasing a new laptop line with some sort of alien head and some weird alien language. We suspect they’ll be launching this in June, probably in time for E3. Until then, stare into the head. Stare into the head. Read More