Alienware’s Concept Nyx is an at-home gaming server that may never exist

Over the last few years, Dell (and its gaming brand, Alienware) has grown fond of showing off concept devices — as a potential look at what may be coming down the road. In fact, it’s a growing

Venn, a network hoping to be gaming’s answer to MTV, raises $26 million

Venn, the streaming network hoping to be gaming culture’s answer to MTV, has raised $26 million to bring its mix of video game-themed entertainment and streaming celebrity features to the masses

Get a load of these Dell PC concepts that you can’t buy

Concept PCs are a lot like concept cars. The idea comes from a decent enough place, but mostly they exist to make you feel bad and inadequate about your current dumb device. It’s a metaphor for life

Be the alien you want to see in the theaters with the new Alien: Covenant VR experience

As part of the media push surrounding the premiere of Alien: Covenant (set to debut May 19th), Twentieth Century Fox and its compatriots are offering up a VR teaser — Alien: Covenant In Utero.

Alienware’s 13 R3 is testament to small and powerful VR-capable laptops

Alienware's latest offering is the smallest powerhouse laptop produced by the company. The 13 R3 is extremely compact for a VR-compatible system, but portability comes at a premium. Even so, the lapto

Alienware is also working on one of those VR backpacks

It’ll probably come as no surprise to anyone who’s been following gaming of late, but Alienware’s looking to join the likes of HP and MSI with the release of a VR backpack of its very own. The D

TC GameCast Episode 3: Open Worlds And Picking A Gaming PC

This week we've got a very special, very delayed episode of the TechCrunch GameCast. Darrell Etherington, Ed Zitron, and myself chatted about open-world games, noting the best of side quests, getting

Alienware Alpha Review: A Gaming PC In A Tiny Package

Curious to see what life was like with an affordable Windows gaming PC in the form factor of a console, I bought the $799 Alienware Alpha early last week.

Alienware Releases The X51, A $699 Small Form Factor PC That Looks Like A Gaming Console

The Alienware line just got a little brother, its Mac Mini if you will. The <a href="">X51</a> is the gaming company'

First Impressions Of The Alienware M11x R3

<img src="">Alienware launched the third generation of their ultraportible gaming rig a few weeks back and it just landed on my desk. As

CrunchDeals: Alienware OptX 22-inch 1080p Monitor

LCDs are cheap these days. Dell’s daily deal is the Alienware OptX 22-inch monitor for only $200. That’s $100 of list and features 2 ms response time, an 80k:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and

Report: Dell Alienware M18x And M14x Notebooks To Be Announced Today

The rumors over the last few months all pointed to new Alienware models. Then they appeared on Dell’s European site and were all but officially announced. Pocket-Lint now reports that Dell confi

Alienware M18x Configurator Live On Dell Europe

Wanna burn a few minutes. Jump over to Dell Europe and spec out the unannounced Alienware M18x gaming notebook. I got one up to £5,543.99, which included a nut-busting Core i7 Extreme CPU, dual 2GB A

Alienware M18X Gaming Notebook Leaked, Crazy Specs And All

<img src="">Milk it! The already-full <a href="">Alienware </a>notebook line is soon getting a new

Rumored Specs For The Alienware M11x R3 Pegs The Ultraportable as Ultrapowerful

<img src="">The <a href="">Alienware M11x</a> is a fun little beast. It's touted as a full-fledg

Klipsch Speakers Round Out Alienware M17x's Super Specs

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Klipsch</a>, which was <a HREF="

Alienware M11X On Sale For Black Friday

Oh Alienware, how could you do this to me? My favorite Alienware sub-compact laptop (the M11x) comes out on sale just when my wife expects me to spend money on gifts for the family. That’s right

Bigfoot To Bundle Its Killer 2100 High-Speed NIC In Alienware Computers

I’ve expressed my opinion on, as I put it, this performance NIC nonsense. But it’d be silly to pretend that if you’re interested in the best performance possible, you shouldn’t

Alienware officially updates the M11x

<img src="" />When <a href="">we ran our review of the Alienware M11x a f

CrunchRumor: Alienware M11x to get updated Nvidia chipset?

One question that has come up ever since the M11x was released was why didn’t Alienware use the Nvidia Optimus chipset. The chipset that Alienware did use makes switching between the integrated
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