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How to fix agile teams that are notoriously bad at hitting release dates

Many of today’s best software companies tout agile development as a way to release software early and often. Yet IT projects using agile still hit delays and exceed budgets. Our development team was

Cybric helps developers build more secure applications automatically

These days, application development happens at increasing velocity, and security can be a victim of that speed. Cybric wants to address that issue by providing an automated security check every time y

npm Raises $2.6M Seed Round To Support Node.js Developers

Relatively easy to learn and highly scalable, Node.js has become a very popular platform for developing apps. Now npm, a package manager that installs, publishes, and manages node programs, has raised

Rally Software Buys Agile Advantage To Prove Agile Development Really Works

Today agile software project management <a target="_blank" href="">Rally Software</a> announced that it will acquire its longtime partner <a target="_blank" href="http://agilea