• HBO Sinks Its Teeth Into GetGlue To Reward Fans For Checking-In To Hit Shows

    Forget about checking-in to venues. Apparently, the new thing to do is to check-in to whatever you’re doing — like watching television shows, or reading a book. It’s something that Hot Potato offers, and they’re in the process of being acquired by Facebook. It’s what GetGlue offers as well, and they’re already seeing over 4.5 million ratings and check-ins… Read More

  • Social Browsing Assistant Glue Adds Recommendations And Facebook Comments

    If you want to add social smarts to your browsing experience, Glue by Adaptive Blue just got better. Glue is a Firefox add-on that uses semantic technology to understand the subject of the page you are on and shows you via a bar at the bottom of your browser whether your friends have commented or liked the item anywhere on the Web. Glue works for movies, books, games, restaurants, wines… Read More

  • AdaptiveBlue Enhances Sticky Web Browser Companion Glue With API

    Glue (formerly known as BlueOrganizer), now boasts its own API. Glue is a contextual social networking layer powered by a Firefox browser add-on which startup AdaptiveBlue added to its semantic browsing technology platform late last year. This provides third-party developers with a way to connect to and tap into the databases and semantic recognition engine the company has been building over… Read More

  • Blue Organizer's Latest Indigo Release Lets You Surf Things Instead of Web Pages

    Semantic search applications are finally starting to gel this year. Tonight, Adaptive Blue is releasing the latest version (dubbed Indigo) of its FireFox add-on, Blue Organizer. Put simply, Blue Organizer lets you surf things instead of Web pages. It recognizes when a Webpage that you are browsing is about certain classes of things: books, movies, music, stocks, recipes, restaurants… Read More

  • AdaptiveBlue Makes SmartLinks Feeds Viral

    AdaptiveBlue has announced that their SmartLink Feeds for books, music, movies, and stocks are now “viral.” The new SmartLink Feeds from the companies flagship Blue Organizer Firefox Add-on now include a “Grab Me” button that allows anyone to copy a list of favorites and place it on their web sites and social networking profiles. SmartLink Feeds can also be customized… Read More

  • A Look at Supernova 2007 Connected Innovators

    At Supernova’s 2007 Connected Innovators session, 12 young startups (well, 13 if you count the fake one planted to keep the audience on their toes), pitched their products to an audience at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco with punditry by Kevin Werbach and Michael Arrington and supporting color from Josh Kopelman, Julia Hanna Farris and Paul Kedrosky. Here’s a look at the… Read More

  • Adaptive Blue Releases New Version of Blue Organizer

    The Union Square Ventures funded Adaptive Blue has released a new version of their well regarded Blue Organizer Firefox add-on. The new version has a range of additional features that provide an improved semantic web experience. We’ve covered Adaptive Blue previously. Blue Organizer has grown since we last wrote about it to 600,000 downloads with what Michael Arrington called a very… Read More