Adaptive Blue Releases New Version of Blue Organizer

The Union Square Ventures funded Adaptive Blue has released a new version of their well regarded Blue Organizer Firefox add-on. The new version has a range of additional features that provide an improved semantic web experience.

We’ve covered Adaptive Blue previously. Blue Organizer has grown since we last wrote about it to 600,000 downloads with what Michael Arrington called a very impressive add-on. The new version builds on what is already a quality product and delivers an even more compelling user experience.

The biggest change in the new version of Blue Organizer is “smart links”. Toolbar and in-page pull down menus are supported with an improved contextual engine that delivers results based on data pulled from the page being viewed. The options provided have evolved; where as previous versions provided only static lists of external links, the latest version of Blue Organizer dynamically personalizes link options based on browsing history. For example if you used Facebook and regularly but didn’t use Newsvine, Newsvine would not be listed.
Adaptive Blue also enters the widget market. The new “sharing links” feature allows users to embed semantic links into any webpage, include bookmark style lists in a sidebar or just embed a traditional widget. Affiliate programs are fully supported with no revenue sharing; if a user includes their affiliate code for programs such as eBay and Amazon they keep 100% of any associated revenue.

The new version of Blue Organizer is an appealing package. Power users are supported through right-click support. The semantic engine provides one click dynamic short cuts to useful information that is bound to be a time saver. I installed the new version of Blue Organizer in preparation for this post and I can’t see myself uninstalling it any time soon.