Social Browsing Assistant Glue Adds Recommendations And Facebook Comments

If you want to add social smarts to your browsing experience, Glue by Adaptive Blue just got better. Glue is a Firefox add-on that uses semantic technology to understand the subject of the page you are on and shows you via a bar at the bottom of your browser whether your friends have commented or liked the item anywhere on the Web. Glue works for movies, books, games, restaurants, wines, stock charts, and more. (It is very product oriented).

The big new feature being rolled out today is product recommendations. Every time you click on the “like” heart, it recognizes what you are liking (movie, book, wine) and recommends other items in the same category based on your previous likes and those of your friends. You can now share your likes with your friends on Facebook as well (via Facebook Connect) or Twitter (which you could do before).

There is also a new “Shuffle” button which works like the Stumble button on StumbleUpon or the Random button on the Diggbar, except that it randomly generates a recommended page on the same topic. So if you are on Amazon looking at books and hit the “Shuffle” button, you will get another page with a recommended book, If you are looking t wines, you will get wine. And not necessarily from Amazon. The nice thing about Glue is that if a friend of yours “likes” a movie on Netflix via the Glue bar, it counts as a like when you look at that same movie on Amazon or Fandango or Yahoo Movies. (Here are all the sites Glue supports).

I’m still on the fence about having a bar that pops up as I browse because sometimes I don’t care what my Glue friends think. But I’m definitely going to give the recommendations a whirl. Discovery is always good.