Vague Details Surface For Next Dell Adamo Laptops

Most of this “inside information” on Dell’s next Adamo series isn’t really news, but one good sign is that the company appears to be looking at serious performance as well as g

Dell Discontinues The Adamo

… And then have your heart broken. Oh, Dell Adamo, you were too good for this world. Everyone’s favorite underpowered laptop is now no more. Dell has officially discontinued the device and

Dell Adamo Price Cut By Another $100 To $799

Fire sale! It looks like Dell is trying to clear out inventory of the sexy Adamo line of laptops. Perhaps they’ve got something else cooking? Something thinner and Sandy Bridge-ier? At any rate,

The Dell Adamo XPS really is discontinued even though it's still available for purchase

Let me catch you up. We received a tip back on Monday indicating that the Adamo XPS had disappeared from This of course caught our attention as the super-thin Dell was just announced back in

Dell Vostro V13 takes styling cues from Adamo, but not the high price tag

<img src="">Oh boy, take a look at this. Dell's apparently porting the whole super slim Adamo idea to its more affordable lin

Dell Adamo XPS now available, praise be He Who Makes The Ultrathins

How excited are you about the Dell Adamo XPS 13? Like (*stretches arms wide*) this excited? (*stretches arms wider*) Or this? Well, it’s true. The XPS is available now for a mere $1,799 with a 1

Dell Adamo XPS looks like it could cut the air in half

<img src="" align="left">The industry is all a buzz with the latest entry in the "I'm the thinnest laptop" competition. The latest Dell

Dell updates the Adamo Desire

<img src="">With the <a href="">Adamo XPS</a> getting all the play recently, <a href="ht

Dell shows off the new ultra-thin Adamo XPS notebook

Breaking: Dell is finally showing off the Adamo XPS in person. There has been a teaser page up for about a month now, but John is live at a NYC press event to spend some quality time with the 9.99 mm

Upcoming Dell Adamo XPS measures less than 10mm thick

<img src="" alt="dell" />Oh joy, another vague advertising campaign for Dell's Adamo line is underway. This time, it's the Adamo XPS. There's j

Dell drops base Adamo price to $1499

<img src="" alt="dell" />Looks like Dell's dropped the starting price on the super thin Adamo to $1499 -- when the machine was offici

Dell Adamo stripped naked, gutted

<img src="" />Again with the tearing apart! Those crazy people at iFixit are doing it again: this time they took a Dell Adamo and

Dell Belatedly Buys Domain For Its Hot Notebook

<img src="" width="194" height="194" />Last week, a blog post <a href="">hit Techmeme</a>

The Dell Adamo 9 and Studio One 22? When and for how much?

<img src="">The <a href="">Adamo</a> is <a href="

The Dell Adamo is finally official

Dell has been teasing us with shots of the thin Adamo ever since CES, but the notebook is finally here. We spied the thin notebook yesterday at SXSW and it looked great, but a spec card was nowhere to

It begins: The Dell Adamo spotted at SXSW, coming tomorrow, $1,999

Brian Solis, the “next-gen” PR dude, just got some hot shots of the Dell Adamo. Color us impressed. His photos show a laptop with the sex of a MacBook Air with a little more of the hard ed

New Dell Adamo ‘robots video’

<img src="">Ah, finally some little computer parts flying around before being assembled by robots. My initial frust

Dell, we get it: Adamo is thin. Now give us some actual specs, photos, and info.

<img src="">Dell’s got another Adamo teaser, this time a boring 30-second video of a model walking around the set of a ph

Dell Adamo Website: So… do you have to be a model to own one or what?

<img src="">The models on Dell’s new Adamo teaser site,, are gorgeous in that creepy, weird, I-have-a-bird-in-my-purse s

The Dell Adamo not coming until second half of 2009?

<img src="">The Internet was abuzz about the <a href="">
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