New Dell Adamo ‘robots video’


Ah, finally some little computer parts flying around before being assembled by robots. My initial frustration with the lack of geekery in the Adamo marketing process is withering as today the company has released a new video chock full of components, circuit boards, and laser-wielding robotic arms.

You can see the video for yourself by clicking this link. A post on the Direct2Dell blog says “Soon we will be launching Adamo,” yet there’s still no date or pricing info. The word “soon” is somewhat comforting, though.

As far as the video goes, here’s what Dell says:

“Today on, we unveiled a new video… This robots video is a stylized illustration of the precision and detail that went into Adamo’s design and engineering. In many ways, Adamo reflects the thought and effort required to build a fine Swiss watch. The materials used have extremely tight tolerances and flow together seamlessly. The engineering and design teams rose to the challenge of creating and working with materials that are 0.5mm thin (about the width of a mechanical pencil lead). The creativity and innovation that went into miniaturizing components so that the Adamo performs flawlessly are remarkable achievements that both engineers and non-engineers can appreciate.”

A Feat of Beautiful Engineering [Direct2Dell]